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need filling up


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S: 18st2lb C: 16st1lb G: 11st2lb Loss: 2st1lb(11.42%)
Hi Paula,

Skimmed milk coffee is filling and 1/2 pint of skimmed milk is 1 point.

medium apple is only 1/2 point

mixed salad is 0 point

thin low fat sausage grilled 1/2 point

3 turkey rashers, grilled 1 point

3 tablespoons of baked beans 1 point

Poached mushrooms 0 points.

medium skinless chicken breast grilled 21/2 points

courgettes and cauliflower 0 points

mashed carrot and swede 0 points.

gravy, made from a teaspoon of granules 1/2 point

Small tub of 110g of diet cottage cheese with chives 1 1/2 points

60g wafer thin chicken 1 point

sugar free jelly 0 points

Zero Vegetable Chilli 0 points
S: 17st11.4lb C: 16st5.4lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 37 Loss: 1st6lb(8.02%)
Afternoon! :) I have to agree with the zero point jelly, just been to buy some little pots of Rowntree's Raspberry Low Sugar jelly today. It's not exactly very filling, but I think it's the physical process of sitting down eating something with a spoon that tricks my body into thinking it's being naughty and eating when I haven't got points left.

A cup of hot vegemite/yeast extract seem to kill off the savoury hunger pangs (zero points). Or if I'm still hungry and no points left, I cut up a load of mushrooms and microwave them with some garlic and spritz of fry light so it sticks. Zero points and mmmmn :) Have been mostly living on Tesco BBQ Rice Cakes lately though (I'm addicted to them!) only half a point each.
One of my favourites just now is simply an apple chopped up with a WW yoghurt... only half a point and its a nice sized bowl youre getting. Sometimes its a psychological thing, just to be eating helps more than how much youre eating... if that makes sense.

I also like Melba toast with WW cheese triangles, you get 6 slices of melba toast & cheese for 1.5 points, again theyre not the biggest things in the world but the fact you get so many is great :)

Have a look at the favourites thread Paula, youll find loads of ideas there :)


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S: 18st2lb C: 16st1lb G: 11st2lb Loss: 2st1lb(11.42%)
When I was doing WW the jelly was a firm favourite with me.

Also the zero soup.:)
I have a big appetite too, I can easily out eat my OH! Some of my favourite and most filling meals are...

Chilli con carne made with quorn instead of mince - makes a really good portion for not many points. I tend to pack mine out with lots of onions and mushrooms too. I usually do that with rice and I get a really decent size meal for around 6-7 points! I make mine really spicy too, because it takes me longer to eat it - that fills me up more for some reason.

Bolognese, again with quorn - another really good portion size for not too many points! Again I pack it with onions and mushrooms and then serve it with pasta. Usually comes to around 6-7 points for the whole meal.

Another good one (which I haven't had for a while is stirfry). I make mine more like a chow mein - I use the straight to wok egg noodles (which I think are 3.5 points per pack) and I just do that with LOADS of beansprouts, onions and mushrooms (in case you hadn't noticed, I like onions and mushrooms, lol!!) and just flavour it with soy sauce (either that or a stirfry sauce which are usually only 1-2 points anyway) and that makes a huge portion for between 3.5-5 points!).

Those are my favourite low point most filling meals - hope that helps ;)
After Starlight's recommendation I've been trying a few quorn dishes and highly recommend them.
I bulk out most of my meals with loads of veg.
McCain Rustic chips are lovely and fairly low, I'm such a chip person and accompany lots of meals with chips :D

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