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need some advice please? sore throat, feeling yuk.

hiya :)

i am feeling really yukky today, i think i'm getting a cold. I have a really sore throat and the thought of having a shake makes me feel sick. i haven't managed to have a shake at all today, as i have slept alot.
I just wanted to know will it matter if i miss 1 or 2 shakes because i'm ill?
Thank you for reading xxx
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If you gargle some asprin it will help with the sore throat. When i was sick i missed a few shakes and i was ok, you should really try and have one hun. hope your feeling better soon xx
aww thank you becky for replying so quickly xx
i will try the gargling...just took some paracetamol tho, so i'll try later.
i just can't face the shakes as they are too milky if that makes sense?
anyway i'm going to try and get at least 1 down me today if not 2. wish me luck!
Thank you again for the advice


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just stick with it hun...when i was ill i went off the rails cos all i could keep down was bread..... my body loved that arghhh lol you will be fine :)


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I've been having trouble with shakes anyways. I just discovered something that I think will help your htroat, depending on the flavors you have.

I mixed my vanilla shake in a blender with 2 cups of ice and about 20 oz. water. Added 1 tsp of vanilla extract, 1 of almond, and 1/2 of peppermint. The result is edible. It's overwhelmingly pepperminty. I can only taste peppermint. It is also so cold that it has completely numbed my throat - which might help your sore one. Feel better!


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Are people's sore throats due to the diet? Because I seem to have acquired one which only gets bad when I drink my shakes! What the hell?! I have also been getting some odd stomach aches when I'm lying down...:confused:


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i dont get sore throat but i do get sore lips.. so i drink my shake through a straw. i know its the shakes as when i came off them my lips heeled, went back on them and it came back. but since i have been drinking with a straw if has cleared up again!!

maybe your throat is a bit sensitive to the shakes??


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yeah maybe, i can't decide if it's our water or the shakes because when i drink water it seems to flare up too. feels like i am swallowing razorblades!!

oh well, small price to pay to be slim!


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Drink the shakes through a straw will help. I'm like above - my lips have gotten so dry and chapped.

Because of the water here, which is just bad, I have gotten a system that cuts down on bottled water cost. I will put water to boil in a kettle, like for tea. Then, I let it cool and pour it into a pitcher that I store in the refrigerator. From there, you have nice, cold water that has been boiled just in case to purify it, at no cost. =)

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