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Need some support

Hi Everyone

I could do with some support today; I'm on week 5 and have lost 19lbs (very pleased!) but I slipped yesterday and had some chocolate.

Been having huge rows with boyfriend and it maybe the end of the line for us and I'm struggling not to give in and reach for the comfort food.

This group is a huge support to me and everytime I read your postings I get a lift, but today is very hard.

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hang in there, im a comfort eater too but rememebr your doing all this for you and not him, if it does all end and your upset about it use your weight loss to focus. And remember its his loss!!!


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Hi Dude, Great name!

Lots of people in the same boat at the moment, its weird how a diet can sometimes spark off issues in a relationship. Don't beat yourself up over the chocolate, lots of people slipped this weekend and you will probably find it wont have much of an effect on your loss. Remember what you're aiming for and why you're doing it. Give yourself a chance, make sure you spend lots of time on here and vent as much as you can/like. You will get through it and you can get through it without turning to food.

We are here to help, listen and give advice when needed.
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hi im on day 6 and i slipped up and had some pork last night, there ive said it im a cheat. that was yesterday dude today is another day! good luck huni xx


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Hey, I know how you feel. Me and my OH have pretty much split up this weekend and i've reached for the chocolate as well. Then I had my WI and i'd gained 1lb which just left me in tears.

I've got back on it yesterday and i'm sticking to it 100%. I don't know about you, but I know a lot of the arguments between me and OH are due to me feeling miserable and me being unsociable due to my weight. I just keep thinking how life can be different be and that's making me stick to it.

Chin up, you can do it!! x
S: 15st8.5lb C: 15st1.5lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 30.3 Loss: 0st7lb(3.2%)
thats the same here, they want to go out for dinner, drinks etc. you have nothing to wear thats looks decent because of the blubber and then you have a row, it happens all the time in my house. now im on cd im looking forward to saying yes we will do that going into my wardrobe and wearing a skinny outfit that hasnt seen the light of day for years. think of the benefits to spur you on x
Thank you for all your lovely replies.

My boyfriend has been great with me on this diet, he even came to my first CDC meeting.

This diet is so unsociable but he's been brill in helping where he can etc; I think our problems are more deep than CD.

I think I am also changing as I lose the weight; no longer the person I am but who I want to become (if that makes sense). I'm also applying for a new job etc

The chocolate is a million miles away now.

Thanks Lisa aka Dude*Bear
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I second Mrs Lampards advice....inspirational as always. Also have you discussed with your other half why you're doing the diet? My OH panicked when I first started thinking that I was trying to bag myself a new bloke. Sometimes, although we think we're the self conscious/ needy ones becuase of our weight our OHs actually love us as we are and when we try to change they worry it's because we don't love them. Talk to him and I'm sure it'll all work out.

Also, if the worse comes to the worse you'll be much better off as a slim version of your fantastic self when you bump into him, rather than comforting eating and setting yourself further back on your journey. (Don't worry, this won't happen as Mrs Lampard says her bloke is loving her weight loss now he understands it)

Take care

Party Girl No. 1 x

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