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Need to restart!

I gave up weeks ago, and I just can't get back into it!
Every day that I start, I just crave food so bad that I give up by the end of the day.
I'm also starting to feel annoyed doing this at work. My friends at work don't really care, but I feel ashamed doing it front of my other colleagues as I've started so many times before and gave up.

And I'm so mad at myself, because I only have about 20lbs to lose. If I just stick to it for a few weeks, it'll be gone in no time.
And I can't believe I don't even have the willpower to do that!

I also keep dropping off the forum everytime I fall off the wagon, 'cause I can't admit it.
But I'll be sticking to this forum now. So I can post everytime I feel a craving.

OK, rant over.
Here's to new beginnings!
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Aw, I feel your pain. I've tried to get back onto it a few times over the last 4 months and only lasted a couple of days before going on a carb binge. I'm restarting tomorrow and reckon I'll have around 20lbs to lose too. Let's do this together.
Urghhh, I feel sick!
I forgot how filling those soups are!
I used to always split them in two. But I have my shake much earlier now than I used to, and I was starving. So I decided to have my soup in one go.
Big mistake! Still better to split them in two. They are way too filling.

That's a good thing though.
At least I won't go hungry :p
Have to be honest, I'm starving today, but I have managed to stick to it 100% and its all in a good cause so I'm sure I'll manage.
Well done :D

I've been good today!
After my whole soup, I felt so sick, wasn't hungry anymore for a while. Then I got home around 5 and was starving. But I took a bath for an hour and managed not to eat until 6:30.
I feel fine for now.

Only thing is, I have to stay up until 12 to buy tickets for some gig. Usually when I do this diet, I go to sleep really early so I won't feel the hunger.
Luckily, I don't have anything in my house to eat!


Get through each day.
Hi Guys...your thread struck a chord with me...can I join in?
Joined forum a few months back, stuck to exante diet for a week and lost 7 lbs. Then fell into old habits and put it back on and then some.
Am similar in that i don't find it a problem till about 8pm onwards...then i want to eat until i burst (crisps, nuts, cheese etc). Have tried several times to start again and failed. Started again today...have had 3 shakes (can't stand the soup and bars) and nothing else but water so far. Sooooo want to lose a substantial amount of weight by xmas (42 lbs). Am probably kidding myself I know but even half that would be great.
Got a meal out on Thurs night for workmate who is retiring too....that's going to be a problem!
Hope you are both doing ok and managing to beat the hunger demons!!

Of course you're welcome to join in :)
Yeah, the evening is definitely the hardest time. I'm so busy at work that I don't think about feeling hungry.
I'm lucky that I like the soups, 'cause I find them way more filling than the shakes.
I've given up on the bars. I find them far too delicious and eat like 3 or 4 a day. So I stopped buying them.

Good luck! And post your progress in here.
I posted here last night - but must have done something wrong. SP, DG and jb - I sound exactly like you. I keep falling off all the time. I don't have that much to go really, and would love to get it off before Christmas - surely possible? White wine is my downfall, not a big drinker, but I enjoy a couple of glasses and then -whoosh... my willpower, comittment and everything else has gone. May I join you too? Perhaps we'll keep each other motivated.
Have done well for two days, headache today, but am going to take a few paracetemols now. Have an 'event' (food!) tomorrow evening, but will have to hack it. Will be back tomorrow. Thanks for support.
Welcome Mumbles :D
Hope we can all keep each other motivated.

Just had part 2 of my mushroom soup. I always feel so full after half a pack.
And it makes it easier to keep the hunger at bay, if I eat half every few hours.
So another half pack around 7:30 I guess and then another around 9. Wow, that's late!
But ah well, I can't not eat them either.
I can't believe with only 600 calories a day, I'm actually finding it hard to eat everything!
Hi everyone, hope you're all being good. I've had another good day foodwise, no slip ups. However, I've had the headache from hell since last night, hoping I feel better tomorrow.
I have a really bad headache coming on too. I hope it's over tomorrow.
Been good food wise too. Actually had a shake tonight rather than a soup, and just finished it.
Going to take a bath for about an hour, as that's usually the only thing that keeps me from thinking about food.
Woohoo, day 2 successfully over!
Good luck Sparkly! I, too, am struggling :break_diet:, and had a wake up call the other day - only 6 weeks til I go on holiday and I wanted 2 st off :sigh: .....if only I had stuck to it when I "started" a month ago :mad: ...oh well, can't do much about it now except stick to plan 100% and exercise like mad :eek: ....and keep everything crossed :rolleyes:
Yes, don't look back!
I very often think: if I had only started a few weeks ago, most of my weight would be off by now.
But no point in looking back. It will only make you feel worse.

Well done on restarting. There's no time like the present.
Come on, we can do this!!!!!
welcome back (and along) to exante!

You can do it everyone, keep strong the first few days are def the hardest:(

if you feel hungry grab some water and come on here, it's getting lovely and busy now:D
Good to see that everyone has made it through the day without slip ups. I've been OK too. Went to my event, had to have a salad, and drank water. Nobody said anything!! Day 3 over, the headache is certainly better, and I'm not really that hungry at themoment. Onwards for another day. Maybe I'll try half and half - it's quite an idea. Weekend with another 'event' coming up - must stay focussed.
Struggling a lot today!
And I'm not hungry, I'm just craving everything in sight!
I just ordered a pack of the bars, but I'll have to show a lot of willpower there too 'cause I used to eat 3 or 4 a day! Only after did I find out you're only supposed to eat 1 a day of the bars.
But I just love them so much!

But I love going to the cinema, I usually go once or twice a week. And I just can't go to the cinema without eating a snack.
So I ordered the bars so I can eat them in the cinema. And I'm going to keep them for only the cinema!
I think I'll store them in my locker at work so I won't eat them at home

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