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Needed, one person, starting cb 20stone.

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Hi everyone, as you have been aware, I have made alot of comments, mostly have not been recieved well, I dont know why, AND WONT GO DOWN THAT ROUTE AGAIN but anyway......

Im willing to put myself on the line, Im 20stone or just under, size 24 on top, 24 on bottom, 5ft 6, female, I think as an interesting experiement i suppose, i would like to compare month by month with someone who is same stats as me, beginning this week, or last couple weeks, who's willing to post photos, on a three monthly progress, as will i do and truly see the difference between losing weight vlcd style or diet n exercise, anyone willing to take up the challenge??????

hmmm not sure whether this thread will be removed or embraced???

Im willing to put myself on the line, the question is 'is any of you???'

the challenge awaits
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only problem with such an experiment, is how would it be controlled, and how couldyou be sure the other person was doing it 100% (not claiming to) but actually doing it, to make any resulting conclusion valid?
always competitive gdoll, lol still trying to beat your arcade scores lol, hehe:D

I dont want to be seen as all talk and no action, on monday I got my friend to take pics from me in my cosie front and back and before I develope them Im hoping to take a couple end of jan, see how it goes.

Id ideally like to run the experiement for two years, as I suspect it may take longer for me to get to my goal of 10stone (9and half, ideally) also it would show how maintenance is on cambridge, so really Im looking for someone who is commited, someone who will go the whole way with cb.
Even if noone joins me, be it on stats etc, well I will post pic on exercise thread lol
Is all about trust, Im 100% committed, Im on 1700cals a day, doing 5 days a week gym, I suppose im asking for intregrity, besides everyone on here seems to do 100%cambridge anyway, cant see how you can cheat to benefit, your only on 500cals, cant exactly cut it down can you?? next question
tiffer, thanks only prob tho it has to be someone starting 20stone, and a size 24, 5ft6. or as close as because obviously one of the points i hope will be cleared up is if excess skin is less or not?? ALSO, OVER TWO YEARS, its good to see how maintenance is, because if someone sticks to cb the will have reached their goal within a year, yet for me, I think it may take longer, so two years is the right amount of time.

next question lo
not again......... Im asking for a cambridge dieter, so hence on this thread. Doh, are you sure you read this. Its just ive come under alot of fire because of my views, and you know Im not all about talk, Im about action, and you know if noone wants to take up the challenge then cest la vie


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there are people willing to take up your challenge its just unfortunatly noone has the right stats yet, would personally love to, I am 5'8 and at my biggest weighed 16.5 stone and used to wear size 22, if you want someone to experiment on coz no one else has the right stats then game on. lol
publicity, lo if i wanted that Id apply for xfactor, lol.

no, ive had alot of backfire, I do believe that my body will look better with diet and exercise, and i also feel that long term, the weight has a better chance of staying off, as I believe in the physics of the body, building up muscle, thus muscle burning more fat etc, and just thought it might be interesting, show a different route. SO CYNICAL hedgemag, or and Im gonna beat one of your arcades score now, just for the cheek of it, lol
Would i be CRAZY in thinking you like coming on here just to argue with people??? If not you do a very good impression of someone who does :D:D

What ever floats your boat chic - Carry on regardless
no argument, im not im offended!

just thought it would be interesting, hey it may turn out that the results are better on cb than the old fashioned way, just thought it was a good idea, sorry if it offends anyone.


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You Can Not Compare From Just 2 Peeps How A Diet Works Depends On Age Wot Type Of Skin They Have And So Much More So Any Such Comparison Would Have To Be Done On A Much Bigger Scale .
These Test Have Been Done By The Medical Comunity And The Results Can Be Found On Searches On Net.
On A Personal Experience Note Have A Freind Who Lost Her Weight On Healthy Eating Type Diets And She Has Lose Skin And The Girl Down The Road Did The Gastric Balloon Thing And Has Not Been Left With Any So Is It An Age Thing There Will Be About 30 Years Age Gap Just A Thought . Good Luck On Your Chosen Journey Xxx
Yes while I definately don't want to start the excess skin thing again I think we established the other day that if you are prone to loose skin you will get it whatever diet you are on so it wouldn't be a fair comparision if the CD'er happened to have genetic predisposition and you didn't then you would attribute your lack of loose skin to a 'better' diet whereas you wouldn't have the evidence. Compare weight loss and ease-of-maintanence but anything else would be very difficult to compare between 2 profoundly different approaches to weight loss.
are you sure you read this. Its just ive come under alot of fire because of my views, and you know Im not all about talk, Im about action,
To be honest, i was all ready to wish you luck, but i find you very confrontational and find reading your threads very uncomfortable.

It seems you are totally determined to discredit CD and DO wish you luck with that. You can't compare two peoples skin tone unless they are identical twins, or at least related - please believe me.

It's all down to your genes.

It's your tone in threads that evokes such reactions, and yet you get totally defensive when someone gives their view when it contradicts your own.

We are a forum full of people trying their best to lose weight, if we wanted to lose weight through exercise alone we would - but i know a lot of people agree with me when i say that i've chosen CD cos i need to reprogramme my eating habits. I will exercise when i'm slimmer, but the strain on your joints when you're overweight and exercising is immense.

I hope someone does come up with the right stats for you, but saying "next question" is so "IN YOUR FACE" to me that i don't think i can actually read your threads again. I hate confrontation, and would hate to think of a newbie reading your threads and thinking that is the attitude of most of the members on here
The experiment is already done check out Icemoose's blog. He has lost 12 stone using VLCD and is still the same weight 2 years on.

Started at around the same weight.

As this thread seems to be quite confrontational and as I am the only Super Mod active at the moment I am taking the decision to close the thread.

Once the other members of the Admin team are present it may be decided to reopen the thread.
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