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  1. loopyloulou

    loopyloulou Full Member

    Hello, I apologise in advance if I go on a bit

    My name is Charlie and I am seriously in need of losing a ton of weight. I have always been overweight but it has got to the point where I have reached my heaviest ever (even heavier than when I was in the last stages of pregnancy).

    I feel so uncomfortable, my self esteem is at an all time low and I am embarrassed by how I look. My friends and family often see me as big and bubbly, but inside I am cringing. I put on a front for everyone. I want to be happy :(

    I have tried (and failed) at every diet under the sun, but have finally reached breaking point where I really need to do something about this. My GP was worse than useless when I went for help, so went away and put on more weight instead:confused:

    My husband is always telling me he loves me whatever size I am, but at 18 stone 3 pound I don't see how he can even bare to look at me. I try very hard to not let him see me naked and our sex life has all but disappeared as I feel so gross and don't want him touching me. I am snoring dreadfully and he has told me I stop breathing sometimes. Really don't want sleep apnoea on top of everything else

    I tried CD about 3 years ago and managed to lose about 3 stone over about 4 months and felt great but struggled with lack of food. I have spent time researching other VLC diets and have come across STW. From what I understand you have 3 shakes and a low carb meal, is this right?

    I have always struggled to lose weight, even when sticking to an eating plan. Had my thyroid tested, but GP said results were within normal parameters. Was hoping I could use that as an excuse for not shifting the weight, but obviously not!!!! I am so tired all the time (don't think it probably helps I work full time nights, I have done this for years now) and am hoping that by shifting the excess weight I will get more energy.

    I am rubbish at exercising (and I hate it) but do try to cycle a little and love gardening. Really hoping that STW will work for me. From reading what I have written, has anyone else felt the same? IS STW right for me? Can I have 3 shakes and a meal or should I just cut out food totally? I am quite a social person and found the no food with CD a real problem as we often have people over for dinner or go to friends and we had to stop that whilst I was doing CD.

    It is 1st Sept and D-day. As of midnight I am cutting out the rubbish from my diet, eat healthily and going to reduce my intake right down with the aim of commencing STW.

    Advice would be greatly appreciated. Once again, sorry for going on. Was good to write it all down. Didn't really realise how rubbish I had been feeling

    Charlie xx
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  3. beth26

    beth26 Full Member

    Hey Charlie! Yes I think we all feel like you! I am on day 3 of stw and am loving it! Gotta go to work now but will chat later x
  4. Jneedham2000

    Jneedham2000 Full Member

    Hi Charlie,
    I too have just discovered STW and was hoping to find some success stories before ordering. I have got a few days worth of Cambridge packs to use up from Jan/February while I am in the zone. I don't want to be all buoyed up to do the programme to lose interest before the packs arrive. I plan cutting food out totally - too much temptation. I went from 20.2 to 11.8 in 10 months with Lighterlife 2 years ago but having always being overweight it soon piles on again. I want to lose 38lbs and hope that I can do it before Christmas with the packs. I can't go back to LL because my consultant has retired and nobody took the business over from her.
    I also have exercise problems. Mine is because I have arthritis and fibromyalgia so I am physically not able to exercise.
    I also have an under active thyroid which is stabilised by medication.
  5. nixb24

    nixb24 Full Member

    Hi Charlie, reading your story makes me feel sad and believe me I know how you feel. Beth and I have been chatting and we both realise how similar we are and your story also sounds just like me! My starting weight last week was 18st8 ! I've got my first weigh in tomorrow but am excited anyway because I've eaten better in the last 7 days than I have in all my life and I'm feeling fab. I have 2/3 shakes a day with a small NO CARB meal in the evening and my husband is doing the same so we are encouraging each other. My meals are lean protein the size of my palm and just veg, either stir fry or steamed etc. after having shakes all day, that kind of meal is lush! Or, you can go t total ! Just buy a sample pack and try it out for yourself. One thing I will say is I'm the same as u when it comes to social life and entertaining friends etc.. I've decided that losing weight is more important right now so for the next couple of months at least.. Our social lives are on hold! The best thing is the shakes taste great, they're affordable, and you don't have to do any exercise unless u want to, you'll still lose weight! Take charge, you can be happy, and comfortable and gorgeous.. Just put yourself first for now and believe in yourself! Good luck and I hope you find the answers you're looking for x
  6. colabelly

    colabelly Member

    Hey Charlie,

    Good luck and would be nice if we can buddy. I am starting tomorrow so you are just a day ahead of me.

    Am really not sure if i will be able to cope.

    I did start a thread but can't seem to see it strange
  7. loopyloulou

    loopyloulou Full Member

    Hey guys,

    Thanks so much for your replies. I really appreciate it.

    Having read back through what I wrote last night really helped. I didn't realize just how pants I was feeling about myself. Was actually very cleansing writing it down and finally letting it out.

    So today I have cut right down on my food intake. Eating 3 small meals. I have credit card in hand and am about to order my first supply of STW. I have 2 weeks off from 8th so am going to start then. I work nights at a hospice and find sticking to any sensible eating so hard when there are often choccies and goodies given to us by patients and relatives, so though it may be best to start properly during my time off. I will NOT eat rubbish in the mean time though and have cut right down on carbs as well.

    Colabelly, of course I will buddy up honey. Will support as much as I can, as long as you are ok with me not starting straight away.

    Have a good day everyone (well is my daytime now anyway)

    Charlie xx
  8. loopyloulou

    loopyloulou Full Member

    Shakes being delivered tomorrow. Have cut right back on rubbish and carbs. Bit hungry is an understatement, but am sure once I start properly things will improve. I am waiting until Mon to start the shakes etc as will be a new week (like to start a fresh) but will continue to cut back this week. Will also weigh in on Mon to see how this week has gone.

    Will be alone at home all day tomorrow, so this will be my first test as willpower isnt brilliant for me, but am determined to do this.

    Feeling quite positive. Bring on the weight loss

    Charlie xx

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  9. nixb24

    nixb24 Full Member

    Good luck Charlie, no point in wasting a whole day when you can start losing already, keep strong and remember your goals :)
  10. beth26

    beth26 Full Member

    Whoop whoop! You sound really in the right head space! I ate everything crap I could before i Started, was like my farewell to the food i think lol, but gained over half stone from it in a week, so that was extra weight, so well done you on getting your habits and routines in order before you start! Look forward to more of your post :) come on girls ( raises her pom poms in the air) xx
  11. loopyloulou

    loopyloulou Full Member

    You raise your pom poms and I will wiggle my thunder thighs

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  12. beth26

    beth26 Full Member

    Haha love it!
  13. loopyloulou

    loopyloulou Full Member

    Well my shakes arrived yesterday and couldn't wait until Monday to start, so this morning I had my first shake. Going to be having a small meal as don't want to TFR right now.

    Oooooh banana.........lovely. Can't believe how thick they are. I whizzed it up with 200ml of water and a few ice cubes. Went down a treat.

    Had a sneaky mid week weigh in. Lost 6lb since cutting out rubbish since Monday. Am chuffed. Am back in the 17's which is great. Now to get into the 16's

    Will be testing over the next few days as am back at work tonight for 3 nights. We often get sweeties and goodies left by patients or relatives and is very hard to resist. However, my head is in the right place at the moment, so I AM GOING TO RESIST.

    Now I need to sort myself out a weightloss ticker.

    How is everyone else doing today? Cola, am here for you when you start Monday, am only a couple of days ahead
  14. Jneedham2000

    Jneedham2000 Full Member

    wow Loopy 6lbs since Monday is awesome, especially when you weren't on the shakes. I had my porridge again this morning and it tasted better than yesterday's. I guess my taste buds are adjusting too. You said you're back at work tonight for 3 nights; are you a nurse? You will be fine, focus on those size 10's lol x

    Im feeling good today. I put a pair of jeans on and the muffin top has gone! Admittedly they're size 18 but they feel so much comfier. I always buy M&S Roma fit that sit on the waist. I can't do with them being on the hip my back gets too cold lol x
  15. loopyloulou

    loopyloulou Full Member

    Yes, I am a nurse. I work in a hospice.

    I will never be a size10, and I can honestly say I don't really want to be. I would be happy at a comfortable 16 or even a tight 14.

    I didnt realise STW did porridge. May look at that for next order. :D

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  16. Jneedham2000

    Jneedham2000 Full Member

    With this type of weight loss programme you have the option to be a size 10 if that is what you want to be. I will be happy with 12/14. I'm currently 16/18.

    My future daughter in law is a neo natal nurse and my son is a biomedical scientist. He does normal hours (8.30-5.00) but she does shifts like you. When you said you were doing 3 nights at work it reminded me of her. X
  17. loopyloulou

    loopyloulou Full Member

    Well, at work now. Brought my dinner with me and glugging water. Am feeling soooooooo hungry tonight though.

    Oh well, will get through it. On the plus size, one of my colleagues on tonight with me has just started LL so we can support each other through the night.

    Have a good weekend everyone.

    Charlie xx

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  18. Jneedham2000

    Jneedham2000 Full Member

    Hope you managed okay Charlie x
  19. nixb24

    nixb24 Full Member

    That's fab that give got someone at work that your are doing it with.. You're gonna kick ass! X
  20. loopyloulou

    loopyloulou Full Member

    Work was ok. 2 more nights to go.

    Have shown my colleague this site too as it is a real blessing.

    Charlie xx

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  21. colabelly

    colabelly Member

    Hey Charlie,

    You all set for tomorrow??

    Goodluck and let's kick some fat girl!!!

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