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Nessa's food diary

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by Nessa29, 24 January 2013 Social URL.

  1. Nessa29

    Nessa29 Gold Member

    After doing WW at home on and off for nearly a year I've decided to move over to slimming world.
    I joined a meeting tonight and I'm very excited about the week ahead!!
    Please feel free to follow my journey and advice and tips, ideas are always welcome!!

    Thought I would just add a little extra here about me for new people following my journey. When I started WW at home last year I weighed in at a massive 23st 4LB I managed to get down to 19st 12LB following the plan but before Xmas came I got a bit distracted from it and bored so just fell off the wagon.
    I tried to start up again after Xmas but my heart just wasn't with WW.
    So I joined SW. I go to group every week with a friend from work and I really think the change and the support from a group is going to be just what I need.

    SW starting weight: 21 stone bang on
    Last edited: 3 February 2013
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  3. pink gingham

    pink gingham Member

    gud luk xxx :D
  4. Nessa29

    Nessa29 Gold Member

    Thank you x
  5. Dubchick81

    Dubchick81 Finally Pregnant!!

    Morning hunnie.. Here to subscribe and support as best I can :)
    Welcome to Slimming World.. Hope you love it as much as I do.. Good luck with your new start :) xxx
  6. Nessa29

    Nessa29 Gold Member

    Thanks sweetheart, just trying to get my head around all the information I have been given!!
    But feeling great and excited about the week ahead. The meeting was great xx
  7. Nessa29

    Nessa29 Gold Member

    So here is the plan for today!!! How does it look?? Any advice on things that don't look right would be appreciated!!

    HEX A: 5x laughing cow light triangles
    HEX B: 60g wholemeal bread

    BREAKFAST: 1 satsuma, muller light banana and custard yogurt and some frozen mixed fruit.

    LUNCH: boiled potato, wafer thin ham, lettuce, tomato and sweetcorn with 3 of my laughing cow triangles.

    DINNER: pork loin (fat removed and done in the health grill) SW chips, cabbage, runner beans and gravy (2 syns)

    3x mini SW quiche
    1x satsuma
    Wafer thin ham
    100ml semi skimmed milk (21/2 syns for coffee)
    60g wholemeal bread (heb) with remaining 2 laughing cow triangles
    Bag of walkers baked stars (4 1/2 syns)

    9 syns used for the day
  8. Dubchick81

    Dubchick81 Finally Pregnant!!

    Yummy.. Great day hun.. xxx
  9. paul1989

    paul1989 Full Member

    Heyy I have a feeling this one is really going to work for you.

    Your food looks nice and healthy too. The year is still very young, we can make this a good year :) x
  10. Nessa29

    Nessa29 Gold Member

    Thanks Hun. X
  11. Texty_F

    Texty_F Gold Member

    Hi Nessa welcome to SW and good luck on your journey. Are you following Extra Easy? As you go along it may help each day which plan you are following that day and then people will be able to spot straight away if you need help. I only ever do EE as i find that the best one for me. Just shout if you get stuck someone will always help x
  12. sapphirestara

    sapphirestara Gold Member

    Found u ;) xxx
  13. Nessa29

    Nessa29 Gold Member

    Thanks Hun, yeah I'm doing the EE plan. Xx
  14. Nessa29

    Nessa29 Gold Member

    Yay welcome over!! Xx
  15. Nessa29

    Nessa29 Gold Member

    Yesterday's dinner changed slightly as I was in a mad rush so I had a pasta n sauce with mushrooms onions and peppers thrown in so only 7 syns used yesterday as I didn't have gravy.

    Finally I can add photos to here yay!!

    SW quiche!!

    Or maybe not its only let me add one!!

    I'm off to the cinema tonight with my friend and we are eating out I've suggested we go to Nando's I've never been before but I can have butterfly chicken, spicy rice and a side salad for 6 syns!! Amazing
  16. WillowFae

    WillowFae Gold Member

    Found you!
  17. WillowFae

    WillowFae Gold Member

    What are you going to see?
  18. Nessa29

    Nessa29 Gold Member

    Yay hello!! My friend really wanted to see django she is a massive Tarantino fan! But it's over 3 hours long!! So she chose something else I think it's called movie 43. Hope all is well xx
  19. WillowFae

    WillowFae Gold Member

    Cool :). Hubby wants to see Django but I don't really. So I think he'll go and see that and I'll go to Les Mis again.
  20. Nessa29

    Nessa29 Gold Member

    I still haven't seen les mis...
  21. WillowFae

    WillowFae Gold Member

    It's amazing. But then I've seen the stage show 97 times so I'm a bit of a fan :)
    Last edited: 26 January 2013

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