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Net Carbs -HELP !!!!!!!!!!!


Hi All
Day 6 and still going. Just a wee query tho.
According to the book, to get a carb value you should subtract the amount of fibre from the amount of carbs. ie) 3.6g carbs - 1.4g fibre = 2.2g carbs.
However, looking at one of the Atkins Advantage Bars it says on the label that it contains 3.1g net carbs. But if you look at the nutritional values it has - 16g carbs and 9.6g fibre which should mean 6.4g net carbs.

Shouldnt it???????????????

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Hi neil - whatever the atkins products say net carbs just go with that In the uk the fibre is already taken off the carbs so with uk products always go with full carb qty


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The Atkins bars are a law unto themselves. I believe its something to do with glycerin. Can't remember the exact reasoning behind it though.


Call me Linzi...
Like Vicky says we don't remove the fibre from the carb content in the uk... this goes for vegetables too if yr taking the carb count from the packaging. x

US products you need to deduct carbs & on Atkins products just take the net carb count... polyols, malitols, sugar alcohols should also be deducted from any carb total as they have nil affect on blood sugars. x


Mines a V&T Please
Most fresh veg does not come in packages, so you do need to deduct the fibre, i do agree if bought in pre-packed yes they do show the correct carb count.