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Never really felt well since starting CD..


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I knwo that my body will take some time to get used to so little food but I have seriously never felt so ill and tired (and always COLD!!) since starting this diet.:cry:

I have a busy lifestyle; two dogs to walk; a child; house to clean and a job which I frequently travel with. I feel so exhausted. I was in London on Monday, I got up for the train at 6am and had porriage. I had a meeting from 10am-13pm and didn't get to eat until 13:30 - I thought I was going to pass out!!:wave_cry: I had a shake and then later in the day a bar.

Is anyone else struggling physically with this or just me. My partner and colleagues are worried and I'm sticking with it but I'm feeling thinner but S**T!!!
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Can't say I've felt great doing CD, but then again I felt pretty rubbish before I did it! Try and plan a bit of relaxation and rest time into each day if you can. With having a busy lifestyle placing demands on your body would moving up a plan eg to SS+ give you a bit of a boost? Might be worth trying it for a couple of weeks, I doubt it'd dramatically reduce your weight loss. Hope you feel less rubbish soon.


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Hi Uggnboo!:)

I take it you normally take 4 shakes a day being over 5'8?

Think about trying SS+ with the wee green and white meal - i still lost 3 stone in 10 weeks and i did it the whole way through. Or move up to 810 (still very good weight loss)Felt weak and dizzy only for the first week and then fine i have to say - so that's not good that you're still feeling like that!

Good luck!:)
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I've only been on this for 9 days so cant really comment as an expert, but I'm 5ft11 and a half and i have 4 a day....on a few occasions i have felt like that and have had an extra pack. My CDC promised me tonight my energy levels would increase this week, so i will wait and see.
If i feel crappy after end of this week (at my next weigh in) i'm going to try SS+


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Without doubt, this diet is the very hardest thing I have done in my life. Up until a few weeks ago I felt absolutely awful, ill and tired all the time. I'm starting finally to get more energy and it has definitely been worth it, I'm the lightest I've been since i was 14!
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It can be tough going though when youre running round after kids, working, cooking, cleaning etc..i agree the diet is fantastic and going on SS+ til you feel ok wont have much of an effect on your weight loss.


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It took 4 weeks for me to start feeling a bit better, and now I think of it, it took about that long the first time around.

I think it's possible some of us are better suited to being in ketosis than others, or at least, some of us adapt more quickly than others.

How long have you been doing CD now?


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S: 18st0lb C: 16st11lb G: 11st11lb BMI: 33.7 Loss: 1st3lb(6.75%)
Thanks, this will be my 4th weigh in (tomorrow).

I do have 4 'meals' per day and the strange thing is that I don't feel hungry just awful. No matter what size I have been I've always been busy (how come I'm not a size 12!!:sigh:)

I'm going to try SS+ from Friday. REALLY worried as my CDC is going on holiday for 3 weeks on Friday and its so early in my diet and not having her there in case I feel unwell or need advice is a bit of a bu**er

My partner is worried about the effects of ketosis - I had a lot of kidney infections as a kid but I don't think this would affect me now. He's not worried about me being skinny for the wedding, he concerned I might not make it to the wedding at all (death by CD!!!;))
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Can you not find a temporary CDC for the 3 weeks?

We're always here for any advice Ugg but everybody is so different on this diet.

You find that some people feel great, some really sh*t, some it takes longer, some are very lucky and have no problem at all.

If you feel really bad go and see your GP hun dont make yourself ill.
Hope you're feeling better soon x x x


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I have to agree. I have never feel 100% on this diet either. I am ALWAYS tired and even when I did CD before for 3 months, I never felt the surge of energy other people mention. I am always cold, tired and lethargic - cant be bothered to do anything. I love the diet becasue it works (but dont get me on about that after this week's weigh in :() but I do feel lousy all the time I am on it.