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Never trust a fart (TMI) (first posted in March!)

Yes yesterday infact. Very embarrasing was on duty at school and did exactly the same.
OMG, I feel totally relieved, thankfully I was at home, but I was completely shocked.


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I'm so so sorry :ashamed0005::whistle:

I'm so embarrassed, but need to know if this is normal, or am I ill. It's my 3rd day today, had a poo for the first time yesterday. I felt like I needed to pass wind, so I did, but I followed through. Is that normal?

Sorry I can't read the yellow writing but I think I can guess what has happened.:eek:

Some people starting can have loose stools on this diet as a reaction to the concentration of vitamins and minerals. Increase your fluid intake and it helps to divide the diet into 6 small portions a day.

Adding fibre89 which you can get from your CDC will help to bulk out the stools.

If you can't get your hands on fibre89 you will find fibre clear in your local pharmacy.

The other thing is that some people discover they are not lactose tolerant as the packs do come mostly in skimmed milk but you can get soya based ones as well.

Love Mini xxx
Thankfully I'm not needing to fart that much, but at least I know that I should run to the loo first! Is this a permanent thing now?


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mine settled down after a couple of weeks.. like mini said.. ask you counseller for fibre89.. or have a search of some ph husks to add to shakes.. (its yummy and makes porridge)..
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That nearly happened to me when I did the diet 1st time around (its my second go at CD - 2nd day today).

I was having the Tetra bricks and I think they were just too concentrated for me - switched to the sachets and I was fine. I now stick to the sachets and drink loads of water with it.


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mine settled down after a couple of weeks.. like mini said.. ask you counseller for fibre89.. or have a search of some ph husks to add to shakes.. (its yummy and makes porridge)..
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Husks make the soup thick and it goes further if you add a tspn bouillion - wicked.....
Hee, oopsy to you, well i had a colonic in my 1st week and i'm sure that helped me cause I didnt get that reaction , however my friend started and shes never off the loo.. I defo think the colonic helped things, I also recommend them hugely if you havent had one before they are AMAZING
It was amazing I got it do at the Body Detox Clinic / Ridley Place / Newcastle £60.00 well worth it I say I came away from it - I was on day 3 and I practically skipped round the shops in Newcastle, It was great
a girl who i know goes to newcastle for it. her hubby bought her some for her birthday. think she's had 3 now. she said she feels loads better after having it. don't think i fancy the idea of a tube up my bum-one way traffic i'm afraid !!!!


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ooh sounds interesting.. im from sunderland.. so jus a stone throw away from newcastle.. hehe.. were you embarrased? cos i know i would be.. lol..

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to add to what Mini said, another understandable physiological cause for this is the sudden change from a mixed to a predominantly skimmed milk based diet.
we all know about gut bacteria these days,well if they get a sudden change of input it takes them a couple of days to re-adjust. Excessively fast transit (or wet farts) aren't so surprising looked at from the Microbes point of view.
(oh & in my experience it is a short lived self rectifying problem)

hope tomorrow is less tense for you
Im at the end of day 5 and I have had the opposite to be honest. Less farting or pooing and when i go its not runny. Perhaps it just reflexs on the rubbish i was eatting before.

Jus x


yours is acommon problem justine, make sure
1. Lots water
2. fibre '89
3. if this sin't enough try psyllium
4. if still bunged use a little senna or dulco lax as required.
I wouldnt say Im bunged - I think its probably normal.... I was cacking like a cow before! lol :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:

Jus x