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New and Excited?


Hello all,
Actually wanted to title this 'new and fed-up' but thats no way to introduce myself.
After an initial meeting with an LLC I have decided to go with CD as I am already having private counselling (break-up story for another time:cry:). I wanted to have the stuff ready to start straight after xmas but it wasn't to be. I will be starting Jan 7th my excitement to get going is turning to frustration...so thats where the fed-up is comming from....also suffering from 'cabin fever' I can't wait to get back to work (for the routine not the work!!)and to put a stop to 'boredom eating and smoking...I don't really want either, but i'm bored.
I picked this name to remind me of a situation that happened some years ago, a nurse at my Dr's surgery said to me "Oh dear, you have a very pretty face....but it doesn't hide the fact that you are fat". Has stuck with me ever since.:sigh:
Anyway, I have been lurking here for a while and I am inspired by all of you and your positivity and support....lookng forward to being in your gang. Feeling a bit down tonight as I am food drunk (eaten too much c**p) and wish I had sorted myself out wth getting my CD packs sooner.
Anyway....bbbbrrraahhh (shaking off my miserable-ness) I will be going to the gym in the morning...that always gves me a buzz.
Thanks for reading:)
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Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Hiya Pretty

Welcome to Minimins and good luck for your start on 7th Jan...remember this excitement that you are feeling and hold on to it - it will stand you in good stead later on down the line!!! :)


please try again
hi pretty welcome to minimins

since youve a weekish before you start CD why dont you use his time to cut right back on ur carbs and up your water intake to make it easier on you those first few days.

good luck on your journey and make sure you visit mini's regulrly, the people here are great, always someone who can help answer questions


Strong women stay slim
Hope it goes well for the 7th Jan . Some people are just rude and don't think , I guess she is not happy in life herself ... best thing with people like that is to smile and say.. Thanks very much . Keep posting it really helps !


Loving the Cambridge Diet
Yes, do cut back on your carbs - I did that for 5 days before starting CD and had no problems in my first week on CD at all!

Good luck, Cambridge is fabulous!



Ah, thanks all for your welcomes and replies:D I am just so eager to get started. Every Jan I tell myself I am not having another 'fat' summer but then spring comes along and the first sunny day and the new spring/summer fashions and nothing has changed. On a positive note, I have shrunk from a size 32 to a 24/22 over 5 years but I have stuck. I love the gym and exercise and go 4+ times a week....but then I 'reward' myself waaay too much :sigh:.
I turned 40 this year and I want to stop avoiding mirrors and stop tellng myself that because I'm tall my 22's/24's are really a 14/16 and that my 'pretty face' distracts the world from whats happening from the neck down!
I have stopped shopping for food, no more temptations in the fridge/freezer or cupboards, I have reduced eating most carbs...trying to up my water intake...not easy.....but then again, nothing in life worth having is easy...I think this will be my mantra :)
Hey there Pretty - i know exactly where you are coming from - i am tall so can carry a reasonable amount of weight ok, i don't carry it in my face so can make myself look decent from the neck up - denial is not just a river!!!

I am turning 40 in 2008 and am planning a big party in October - i WILL be belle of the ball!!

Keep focused, some days will be easier than others - it doesn't matter how hard or easy it is - as long as you end each day with the same result - sticking to it!

I'm quoting a fab CDC here but - don't think of SS as a deprivation, don't think of all the things you are missing out on - think of it as the fastest way to get the fat off, a means to an end - its not your punishment, its your salvation - embrace it!


Good luck with your journey hun, we are with you all the way. If you can I would cut back on carbs as this will make your first week easier. Vx

Great quote Hels!!! I am going to remember that!!!
I'm quoting a fab CDC here but - don't think of SS as a deprivation, don't think of all the things you are missing out on - think of it as the fastest way to get the fat off, a means to an end - its not your punishment, its your salvation - embrace it![/quote]
Prettyface - remember that feeling of being food drunk on about day 4!! You'll see what I mean!! ha ha!! You'll be fine, self focus and determination! Then, in no time at all, you can go back to docs surgery and shake your booty!!!


Thanks all...Lilly you did make me laugh....had all these images of me 'bumping & grinding' next time I'm at the Dr's...the look on their faces will be priceless :eek:)
Day 1 of prep for me, have eaten nothing but protien and lean meat and about 2 litres of water.
Back at work on Wed and not meeting my CDC till Monday, The Atkins bars are 3 for 2 in Boots at the moment, can I use them for a meal replcement till I get my CD stuff?
Not sure about the Atkins bars but just wanted to say welcome on board and good luck with your journey. Be sure to let us know how you are getting on.


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