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New and Need Advice

Hi Girls,

I am about to embark on my slimming journey but can't decide which method is best for me and were hoping you could give me some advice??.

I'm 24 and currently weigh 16st 6lb, i've been unsuccessfully dieting my whole life and i really want that to change.

I already know that at the moment slimming world and weight watchers are not working for me. I work so much better the stricter the diet is, the more choice i have the more bad choices i make.

I'm going to a lighterlife info session tonight and originally decided i was definately going with that option but i am worried that being on such low calories isnt healthy (although i know being fat isnt) and am especially worried with the recent heart related deaths associated with LL.
The other option i thought of was diet chef as at 1200 seems a healthier option although i know the weight wont come off as fast.

Can anyone advise as to which of these would be best for me??
Suz xxx
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hey suzie , there are lots of sucessful people doing LL and CD , but personally i stick with xenical and eating low fat as it not only helps me loose weight it also makes me retrain my eating habits and lifestyle.. ive lost close to 8 stone on it and still going .. got my weigh in today :p x
S: 14st4lb C: 13st6lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 32.3 Loss: 0st12lb(6%)
Piink, OMG what can i say!!!!!!!!! Congratulations on your successful weight loss that's just fab!! I can't believe that u lost all that weight on Xenical, so happy for you its unreal.... go girl!! lol...

I hope i can be the same as you and lose sum weight... my doc prescribed me xenical 3 days ago and it does feel like i have lost a tiny bit of weight but i dare not go on the scales just incase i haven't, then i won't be a happy chic.....

If u don't mind me asking what exactly did you eat while taking xenical??? Would love to have sum advice please...

Congratulations again Piink on your fab weight loss, bet u r extremely happy!!
S: 23st4lb C: 10st7lb G: 8st0lb BMI: 27.8 Loss: 12st11lb(54.91%)
hey chella of course i dont mind at all =D..

well if you come over to the xenical section of minis you will find great helpful posts including a gud introduction thread which tells you lots you need to know bout Xenical and food and side effects ect..

but yeah i lost it all on xencial but i do exercise daily at least a hour and half exercise.. i started off doing walking as i wasnt sure what i could do x


hmm low fat meals it works on a under 5g fat per 100g of product rule... so stuff like chicken and veggies , fruit and fibre skimmed milk , jacket potatoes , muler light yogurts , pitta bread with salad , tuna.. anything low fat ...

hope this helps xx
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Obviously I'm gonna say Cambridge Diet as it has worked wonders for me.

That thing about the LL death recently; in all the media publicity did it say anywhere that LL caused the death? No. Why? Because a link between the two wasn't found. The poor person just happened to be on it when they died. Maybe they had an underlying problem which they weren't aware of? It happens.

If there was a link evident between VLCD and people dieing then VLCD's would not be available in this country.

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