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New belvita breakfast biscuits

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by scraggyanna, 14 April 2010 Social URL.

  1. scraggyanna

    scraggyanna Full Member


    Has anyone else seen these in shops/advertised on TV? Thought they looked interesting...has anyone tried them/know what they're like nutritionally?
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  3. Minimunchkins

    Minimunchkins Gold Member

    I've seen something about these lately but can't for the life of me remember what it is or where I saw it! However, I saw them on sale today at my local swimming pool cafe. I was tempted to try them but then thought I'd better swat up on them first.
  4. Smokes

    Smokes Full Member

    I had half a biscuit yesterday! A friend had them and said to try them so I did! It was nice but not sure what it was like nutritionally!
  5. Minimunchkins

    Minimunchkins Gold Member

    Just checked the Syns On-Line and the Fruit & Fibre are 2.5 syns each and the Milk & Cereal are 3 syns each.
  6. Minimunchkins

    Minimunchkins Gold Member

    Nutrition Facts
    Serving Size: per biscuit Amount per ServingCalories 56Calories from Fat 17% Daily Value *Total Fat 1.9g3% Saturated Fat 0g0%Sodium 0.05mg0%Total Carbohydrate 8.6g3% Dietary Fiber 0.5g2% Sugars 2.4gProtein 1.1g2%Iron21%Thiamin (B1)86%Niacin (B3)25%Folic Acid (Folate)34%Magnesium26%
    Est. Percent of Calories from:
    Fat 30.5% Carbs 61.4% Protein 7.9%
  7. icklerockchick

    icklerockchick slow but steady!

    these are on offer for a pound in asda but the shelves were bare :(

    quite high in syns though as i think they come wrapped in little portions of 4 biscuits so that could be as much as 12syns!

  8. KD

    KD Gone fishing

    They're quite nice :) Bit like a malted milk biscuit, but crisper.

    Pretty handy I would have thought for people who are in a desperate rush for work in the mornings, yet want some brekkie.
  9. pizzle84

    pizzle84 I will do this!!!

    does anyone know if they would be a HEX?
  10. Circes

    Circes Strutting her stuff

    i would be surprised if they are. Going by the nutritional info above they are high in fat and low in fibre - in other words they are biscuits! To be honest I think it's just a marketing ploy by Nestle trying to brand them as a healthy breakfast option.
  11. Littleslimmingbee

    Littleslimmingbee Gold Member

    no they won't be a healthy extra b...

    my only thought when i saw the advert was - that for breakfast!! i'd be stravin marvin!
  12. cheekychinchilla

    cheekychinchilla Gold Member

    Looking at the info I think I'll stick with Weetabix and porridge or Alpen Lights if I'm in a hurry! :D
  13. whoopidoo

    whoopidoo Full Member

    Just bought a fruity pack of these in Tescos because they were half price - was hoping they would be lower in syns. Ah well, one might be nice with a yoghurt later. Definitely not enough for a breakfast though!
  14. evilpenguin

    evilpenguin Not evil at all

    Biscuits are my downfall, I wouldn't be able to just eat one of these - I'd have the entire box gone with a cup of tea. Think of the people who will actually do that though, convinced it's a "healthy" breakfast.
  15. whoopidoo

    whoopidoo Full Member

    It's definitely sold as that on the box. High in fibre and all that. Grr, glad I just paid the discounted price for them - am sure OH and the kids will scoff a fair few ;)
  16. eternity

    eternity Gold Member

    I just saw these in Tesco, they were on offer and someone had opened a box so I had a look and they looked nice but small ( that might just be me) in little packs of 4. I looked at the nutritional info and 1 biccy was over 50 cals and so the pack of 4 would be over 200 cals and so I put them back.
    I'd rather have a fibre plus bar if I didn't have time for brekky.
  17. whoopidoo

    whoopidoo Full Member

    I haven't been able to get hold of the Fibre Plus bars - that's what I was in Tescos looking for :p Are they with the normal cereal bars? I think our Tesco may just be rubbish!
  18. jen3

    jen3 Silver Member

    My mate got some in Tesco the other day (the milk and cereal ones). So I had one to try. Nice, like a cross between a malted milk and a sports biscuit but I wouldnt waste syns, calories, points or whatever else your counting on one!

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