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new book: low syn snacks 2011

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I was browsing the slimming world site today and noticed the books tab (it might be new as i couldnt find the books when looking the other day). that might be because it was removed whilst they were updated mind.

Anyway i noticed there is a book called low syn snacks 2011. from looking at the screen shot it looks like its branded snacks of less than 5 syns. Sounds perfect.

Did they have one for 2010 or is this new. If they had it was it any good. Ie did it include stuff lke the weight watchers frozen sweet and sour chicken and rice at only 2.5 syns or is that a meal and not a snack so wouldnt be included.

If it includes all that kind of stuff it could be the best £2 i ever spend. Wonder if they will have them tomorrow.
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I had the 2010 one hun and it is brill. Deffo recommend getting it and if its like the old one it is pocket size too so great to slip into your handbag and take shopping with you xxx


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I've just got the 2011 and it's brilliant. So many things in there I wouldn't have thought of eating. I've got the free branded foods book too which is also brilliant. They're a great price too, really glad I got them.
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oh i will have to keep an eye out for one of those ... thanks x
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Thanks for the replies. I think I will get that one as well. Does it have meals that are under 5 syns (ready meals) or only snacky stuff.
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Where abouts was the books tab? Looking for one of these books and can't find anything on the website? Do you have to be a member and logged in?



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Can you only buy the book if you're a SW member? I'm currently doing SW from home and don't have access to the website.
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You can only buy the books online if you're a body optimise member. If you have online membership through the group you have to buy it at group. I don't think they sell them outside of that. Sorry !

Gail x


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It has ready meals in it too! I like the book the free foods one also has a huge list of hex a and b


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i'm doing sw online so i just bought them, thanks guys looks brill cant wait to get them, i'm using my sw personalised menu online this week, so hopefully i'll have them soon
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I so won't that book but not at a group any longer or on the website :(

sweet pink

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You can get some of the cookbooks at Waterstones but I just checked online but they dont have that one. I'm guessing its only the recipe books that are available there though
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shame I have lots of the recipe book they are fab but that one sounds good too x


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I won our xmas raffle which was all of the new books. It had the syn free, snacks and directory. Apparently they have all been renewed for 2011.

I had a good read through them over the hols and I think they will come in very useful :)
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Personally, i think the two little books, low syn snacks and free branded foods, are not much use. I could guess that Birds Eye frozen broccoli would be free! As well as frozen cauliflower, peppers, mushrooms, etc. etc. Also I thought a lot of things in the 'snacks' book weren't what I would consider a snack, eg. sausages, ready meals, canned foods...
I have the 2009 books - could sell on if anyone can't get to group (now that I've given such a glowing review ;) )


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i had the 2010 one and have now updated and bought the 2011 one.
i find them great...very helpful.and yes whilst i admit that some of it in the free branded foods is idiot info and that we could all guess brocolli is free you also get a few gems from it.
the chick pea dahl for example.

the low syn snacks again you could look things up individually as you fancy them but i like browsing through and you lways find things you'd forgotten about,thinks you wouldnt have thought were that low etc.

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