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New Bride to Be

Hey Everyone
I'm also a new Bride to be :)
I got engaged in May 2009 and the wedding is set for September 2010 - a beach wedding in Turkey.
I have found my dream dress online but before i try it on etc i want to lose as much as i can by xmas time (this is when i will be going home to the UK and trying dresses on )
I also want to slowly and gradually lose weight all the way up until the big day so i have 12 months to do it in!

Would love to have some support and advice from brides on here!!!
Hope to hear from u soon!
Love Sammy
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hey sammy good luck with your weight loss and congratulations on ur engagement. Im also getting married in 11 months and on a mission to lose 7 stone within 10 months. I believe that diets are just a way for people to spend money. I was indecisive about which diet to participate in but then i realised the prices these places are charging lol. Im a complete chepa skate and as i have a wedding to pay for i dont have 45 pound a week to spend on products that might not work. I have decided to cut out all the rubbish i eat and takeaways lol and buy salads and soups and fruit and veg. Grilled chicken and fish. And i am going to attend the gym at least 4 times a week. Go swimming or jogs round the local park. Or even put on a fitness dvd that i buy every year and never put on lol. Anyway hope u find a suitable diet and good luck. Also i have signed up with graze.com and for 2.99 you get a box with fresh fruit and nuts and dried fruits. Its great value for money and its ideal for taking to work instead of that chocolate bar lol

Tami xx
Hey tami thanks so much for replying to my post was starting to feel a little lonely with everyone viewing it but not commenting! haha!
I am the same as you hun i REFUSE to fork out a load of money especially with a wedding to come etc so i am doing the same- watching what i am eating, exercising- cycling and i went for my first jog last night!!! If you ever want someone to chat with let me know! we have 11 months until the weddings so fingers crossed for us!
Sammy x
Hey :eek:) How are you today? im ok just a bit of cramps :eek:( ahwells... lol. how is ur diet coming along? mines has been good so far. Went out for a dinner with a friend last night and ordered soup and a salad. She looked at me as though i was mad lol. wow ur wedding dress picture is beautiful:eek:) I saw the one i want yesterday so once i get to my goal il go and try it on lol... So how was ur jog then? I think at the weekend when the hubby to be at work il head to the gym.. nice and early :eek:p

Hey Hun good to hear from you!!
yeah things are good with me so far i think! I have been really good watching what i have been eating, lots of salad, soups and vegetables with pasta etc and then fruit- drank sooooo much water i am running to the loo every 30 mins tho! haha!!!

The jog was fine whilst i was out- about 35 mins, alternating between power walking and jogging - got home all sweaty, heart racing but feeling great and proud of myself but the next day and even today my shins hurt! (probably gone into shock at the fact i was running! lol)

You are doing really well and WELL DONE YOU at the restaurant that takes strength believe me! The gym will really help you hun, wish i could join one but there isnt one here where i live in turkey :-(
But i cycled to work today and i will be cycling home too so i hope it works!

Weighing myself in the morning- a little nervous if i am honest!
I know i have tried hard so fingers crossed it pays off for me.

I am just in love with that dress and have to have it lol
What dress have you found you like? would love to see it!!!
Where is your wedding going to be anyway????

awww superb... well i hope your weigh in has gone the way u want. my dress i saw in a shop window so i shall take a photo when i walk past again lol. im just having a quiet wedding in a registry office in edinburgh oh yeah and a big party afterwards lol. if i had my way and loads of money it would be on a beach somewhere in the sun haha. Im going to buy a cycling machine next week i think and just jump on that for about half an hour a day for the times when i dont go to the gym. Its a bit too expensive at times but i know its worth it :) so your wedding.. will it be in turkey or elsewhere? god its great having someone on this to have as support and to go along with you on this journey :) i know we can do this... just think of our dresses when we feel down :p

hey hunny sorry i havent come back to you but my Nan came on Thursday for a holiday so just quickly checking things now!
Well i have not weighed myself yet but finges crossed, the first thing nan said when she got off the plane was 'christ you have lost some weight' so fingers crossed! lol
CANT WAIT to see the pic of your dress! get it on here ASAP
Our wedding will be here in Turkey on the beachfront- Cant wait!!!

I know its soooo nice to have you on here with me for support etc, I sometimes feel like the only overweight bride to be in the world!!! lol

Speak Soon Hunny and good luck! xxxxxx

Just thought I would pop in and say hello adn introduce myself :) My name is Soph and i'm getting married in 2011. A long way off i kno but want to lose the weight and maintain for holidays etc..

I'm just sticking to healthy eating and exercise and today is my first day.

I've failed so many times before, so really looking for some support :)

Hope your having a fab day xxxx
Hey soph and welcome!!!!
All us brides can stick together!!! what diet u doing hun???
I'm just following a healthy eating approach with exercise. (All though today has been abit naughty...check out my diary on here)
Treating to myself x1 a week with a bar of choc, glass of wine etc..

What are you doing? xx
I am just watching what i eat, portion control and exercising EVERYDAY ugh lol
FÄ°ngers crossed we can lose the weight!! keep in touch and let me know how u r getting on! xxxx


Manchester City FC!
HI Sammy - Congrats on your engagement and good luck with your weight loss journey!

Sally xx
Hi all,

My name's Jess and I have booked my wedding for June 2010, in Cyprus. I have got around 4 stone to lose , thats dream anyway but any loss would be good

Everyone is telling me I should have started looking for my dress already, but I wanted to lose weight before I started looking, however I think if I start looking might give me the inspiration I really need.
Hey Jessie, welcome to the site!
Congratulations on the wedding, quite similar to me! wedding abroad, around the same time as me :) plus we have the same amount of weight to lose!
Hope it works for you hun!
Let us know how it is going,
Sammy x

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