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New diet rituals?

This is what I do...with every new diet :D

a) Get the calendar out and guess at 2lb/3lb/4lb (lmao) a week what weight I will be by whatever date... (or a stone a month for LT)

B) Get the calculator out and go over and over the lbs, stone AND kilos i weigh and what I need to weigh -even though I already know.

C) Start flicking through catalogues for skinny clothes. or...

D) Dig out my already (and mostly unworn) skinny clothes to try on as I lose (IF I lose)

E) Plan an exercise regime -then never stick to it.

F) Clean the house and do odd things like Ironing (is odd for me! :eek:)

G) Usually - and this is the first time I haven't - get that all important and never as nice as expected LAST SUPPER!!!

Anybody else enjoy these little neuroses? ;)
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you need to get out more lol i understand you plotting the weightloss having done all these little querks where any of the attempts(sorry that sounds really negative cant think of another word) successful, if not do you think you where putting to much pressure on yourself.
Good God just re read and its abit deep
Yes -I do need to get outmore lol! Some have been kind of successful but I've never been as big as I am now. They've always kind of given me focus but then when I falloff the wagon -the landing on cloud fat really hurts even more. Especially when a wee reminder pops up on my phone one morning saying 'Weigh in 12 -BE AT GOAL!!' -GET HAIR DONE' LMAO.

I haven't done the reminder thing this time either hehe... instaed of all the future gazing I'm taking it as it comes this time. Itused to always be about appearance and vanity. Now I just want to feel healthy again.
If you need to get out more then so do I!!! I am so sad that when I first started LT I set up a spreadsheet to record my progress and also what I would weigh if I lost an average of 2/3/4lb a week so I could work out when I would get to target!!!! After every WI I would dash home to put in the new weight and adjust future losses!!!!!

I told you I was sad!!!!! BUT, it does keep me focussed, even if low losses set me back! I also have a diary where I have written down all my mini targets and when I have achieved them. I also have penciled in deadlines for reaching the rest of them!!!

I really must get a life!!!!!

*shuffles off sheepishly to find a life!*

shall we all go and find a life together??

I have three spreadsheets on the go - one with weight and measurements, one with lt weigh in results with goals and one with goals alone -

really can't remember how i ended up with three but get some perverse sort of satisfaction of filling in all three each week (apart from this week when i didn't lose weight:( but did lose inches so at least i had one spreadsheet to fill in - lol
During the week I worry about my WI slighly, but I am too busy looking at my shrinking body to worry about documenting it :giggle:

I did take measurements at the start, and will re measure at week 10ish but thats it !
PHEW!! Thank fook! Thought it was only me there...though now thinking 'OOOHH!!! Spreadsheets!' lol

Its all part of the never giving up trying isn't it?
During the week I worry about my WI slighly, but I am too busy looking at my shrinking body to worry about documenting it :giggle:

I did take measurements at the start, and will re measure at week 10ish but thats it !

You must be feeling so good about yourself now -and deservedly so!;)
i reckon if i keep filling in spreadsheets i won't have time to think about eating lol


a new way of living!
glad i am not alone, now be honest, do you also measure yourself everywhere?!?!?

neck, calf, bicep, wrist, ankle (FFS!! how much can you lose there!!) above the knee?!?!

please tell me i'm not a freak ;)
Helen I regret only measuring my hips, waist and bust at the start coz I reckon I have lost from everywhere!!!

It is definitely a sign of the times coz with previous diets I've plotted my progress on a piece of graph paper!!!! Now I put my new weight on the spreadsheet and it adjusts the graph automatically!!!!

I have a page with results and predictions and graph and another page with 4 weekly total losses and now I'm thinking I need a separate page for measurements!!!!

I really must get a life!!!!!

Im sorry I never measured myself but I have kept a pair of trousers that were tight on me now I could fit another person in them be it a very small person though but its my only way of measuring
I find it amazing that I have lost more weight than my 10 year old weighs!! I can't lift her now but I was carrying her weight and more around for ages!!!!! How scary is that!!!!!

Like you I have a progress speadsheet but....I also have a sheet that predicts my height ie today I am the correct weight for someone who is 6ft 09 ins..... means I can tell people that I'm under-height rather than over-weight :)


Getting fat since 1980
well, in preparation for next week, starting LT,
1. i've been having all my favourite foods and not stopping myself from having a bar of chocolate if i want it. i figure that i'm going to have to be mean to myself from next week so i'll be nice for a little while first :)
2. I've taken photos of me as i am now *shudder*. they're horrible! so when i feel like giving up/cheating i can look at them and put myself off even thinking about food
3. i've planned what to do when bored - so avoiding fridge-trips. luckily i don't have a 'life' yet, so it won't be hard to avoid "evenings out" lol
4. i've been asking about all the horrible things to expect while on LT - just to prepare myself. but then... nothing that can happen on LT is as horrible as the way i feel about myself right now...
5. i talked to my parents and GP about it and they're all fine with me doing LT

so i think that's all bases covered.... oh! and i got myself on this lovely forum i found, where everyone's lovely! :bliss:

crikey! long post there... soz.


is loving the soup?!
Lol all of them except the calculator! And you're right, the last supper is never worth it.

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