New Diet?


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Not heard of it but just wanted to say hi.

Let me know next time you are up north as I'd love to meet you.

Irene xx

Hello you! :)
Yes I definitely will as would love to see you too! We only visited twice in 2011 but will rectify that in 2012! :)

I hope you've had a fab Xmas.


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Hi it is called fat attack booster diet it is on the rosemary conley website but there is not a lot of info more like an ad lol x


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they've said thats its available to on-line members from Friday, and in classes from 1st Jan
thats all they're saying at the mo
Am looking forward to 2morow, to find out more


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Thanks guys :) sounds like it's a closely guarded secret at the moment.
Am looking forward to getting to grips with the new plan.


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I started last night, the gist is two weeks on 1200cals, there is also a dessert option for the evenings too So you basically miss the carbs and have a pud instead!


Well I started it Monday and Im still on it today (Thursday) I feel fine although have woken with a banging head this morning. Have also started exercising, did the class on Monday then Aqua aerobics tuesday and then the gym yesterday. Feel a tad bored today as Im working and cant do a class or gym. Must drag a zumba dvd or something out for the Wii. I actually feel that my belly flab is smaller (tmi). So hope to have remarkeable weigh in on Monday.

Im 40 in March 2013, so would like to be at my goal weight by then

Good luck ladies



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I am on day 5 and still enjoying it, putting off the exercise start until week 2 as I wanted to lose some belly first. I agree mine is shrinking without the carbs. Good luck everyone :D