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New Dress!!!! Pic added

Blonde Logic

Yes. You can.
Whoops, I did it again! :D

I stopped in my local charity, and they had the most gorgeous Principles dress, for 4quid.

It is LUSH.

But - its a goal dress. It fits....as long as I don't breath!!! :D

SPanx may sort that, or I may have to keep up the walking and tone a bit to have a wee bit of room to move, but it is G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S!!!!!

I may - *MAY* post a pic....not sure as it is extremeeeeeely fitted. <eeek!> but I just HAD to have it.

Even if I can;t wear it, no one else can then. LOL

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Strong women stay slim
and so you should have it , cos you have the body for it !


Gold Member
pictures, we need pictures!!
daisy x
So, what's it like then?
You can draw it !
When I Was shopping with my Mum the other day she said "surely you don't need any more clothes ".
Pot calling the kettle black..........
You can never have too many, but rapidly
running out of space.

Blonde Logic

Yes. You can.
It's sleeveless, sort of a taupey- bronzey satin, with a sheen, and some little patterns in a kind of pale gold embroider, ankle length, slits, gold band across the bottom just above a kind of elaborate emroidered pattern border thats about about 6 inches or so....its beautiful fabric, reminds me of a sari.

When it zips up. it pulls in everywhere, it is absolutely form fitting.

I may try it on tonight after hubbs goes to work and if it is not too much I will take a photo. Its tight - too tight to wear out unless I stnad all night!! :D

But it shows the curves in all the right places!! :D Hubs will love it.

Watch this space....

I will have to see if my camera has batteries, or else it will be a bathtub shot! :D

SB, my wardrobe is so stuffed, I dont need hagers anymore. Compression holds things up!! LOL



Gold Member
looks lovely... when you can get a pic with you in it!
daisy x
Lovely dress

Amazing £4!. We've got all these lovely clothes - and nowhere to go............
We'll have to get our LLC to arrange a glamour party.
its lovely and you look curvy in all the right places!!
what a bargain for £4
i think i might head in to a few of our local charity shops and see if i can pick up a few bargains myself as i'm needing new clothes all the time.
actually went in to m&s and took back some size 10s i haven't worn and exchanged for an 8! i can fit them - bit tight for work yet, but i went a bit overboard on buying size 10 work trousers and don't need them so thought i'd better change them while they were still in date.
daisy x
looks lovely on you x
Foxy Lady

That's all I can say. It looks super on you xx:superwoman:
p.s. Wear it to the next bike club do, knock em dead.
THanks hon. :)

Its a bit too tight at the mo to wear out. Unless I have a rib removed! LOL

It also makes me realise I need to get those little old dumbell weight out and start doing something about my arms!!! All in good time though.:)

Thanks everyone!


Strong women stay slim
I see its a slim fitting dress , and you have some lovely clothes that you have brought since the weight loss . This one is going to look just as nice on .
Must keep more on these threads so I can also get pretty clothes ....
BL that looks lovely!! So much nicer on than off as well, it really flatters your figure and makes you look all womanly and lovely :D
Meant to say, I know exactly what you mean about the clothes holding themselves up in the wardrobe, I lose thousands of calories just struggling to get something out or in these days.

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