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New Girl on Day 4


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Well I am on my ??? attempt to lose weight!! I started Cambridge in September 2006 and then on and off well on and off since then god only knows how many times!! When I started in 2006 I was 13.8 and now i am 15.7, which I have to say I am pretty ashamed of! I think I was a 14 squeezing out to a 16 in September 06 but I am very much now a 16 CRYING out to buy size 18 clothes and I really really do not want to be in that place anymore, it's time to take action!!

Anyway new begginnings and all and I have decided to try Lighter Life as I work with a guy who lost 4 stone in 8 weeks and now is doing his own plan and still losing. He said Lighterlife was the best for him with the counselling so I thought why not I love talking and hearing others peoples stories and maybe this will help me and finally crack why I feel the urge to overeat.

It's all going ok so far considering this is the hottest weekend of the year and I would generally have spent it eating and drinking all weekend!! I have still seen my friends but just stuck to water!!!

Wish me luck :)

P.S How do I put my piccie on here? And do my tracker thingy

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hey you, :) you can do it :)
piccie i think you do it through user cp :) and tracker thing is easy aswell, just forgot the website you do it on, than you put the embed link into your signature :)


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Thanks Day 5, 9 pounds down and going strong! Thinking about food loads today, done my ticker just need to find a good piccie to put up.

Are you finished now with lightlife?


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I am trying really hard it does pass since I got home been on here and watching a bit of TV drunk a load of water and feel great! I just can't wait to start noticing the difference!

Can anyone help me I have just tried to upload my picture but it won't work just says file error? It's ok in size I think


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Ahhhhh I see I need to get posting!!

Well today i got on the scales and I was 8 pounds lighter?? What how did i put on 1 pound? Maybe I shouldn't weigh myself every day!!!

Anyway my goal was 7 pounds in the first week and it looks like I have smashed that.

Feeling quite good today no hunger must be getting into real ketosis I haven't drunk as much water though so I am going to catch up tonight on that and then a few of my fave programmes.

I don't know about good TV ads I always sky plus and fast foward probably a good thing whilst on this plan!!

Hope everyone has had a great day and lost LOTS of pounds!! :)



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Well done Ali. First week is hardest - then it just gets easier as the weeks go by. Know what you mean about fast forwarding thru the breaks on TV - i do that too. It is true tho - nearly all the ads are about food. Oh im addicted to watching Food Programmes - dont know why cos i never watched them before i started LL :8855:
Does it get easier as the weeks go by? I hope so....feeling good so far after 3.5, but I was putting that down to enthusiasm.... hope I can kee it up


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Yea it def does get easier. I have my 12 week weigh in tonight. Then 2mro morning starts my milk week - not looking forward to it one little bit. Have worried about it all week :(
You don't have to do a milk week if you don't want to, it's just a recommendation by NICE who govern LL. Plenty of people don't do it, I never have and I know BlondeLogic didn't either.

So long as your counsellor has informed you of the option to do it, it's entirely your choice to actually do it or not :)


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Hello all,

Ooooo I havent started watching food programmes yet ha ha I think it would be torture!!

I had a good day today plenty of water now at home trying not to drink as I want to be as light as possible for my weigh in at 8pm! I just had an hour and a half drive home from a site I visited and called my inspiration up (a guy who I work with who has lost 6 stone since the end of Jan). We talked about loads of stuff on lighterlife and how his weeks went by. He only done it for 7 weeks and lost 3 stone and now he is on his own low carb plan and he cycles 50 miles per week. He has gone from 21 stone to 15 stone I can't wait to see him we have both been working in different areas and projects so I haven't seen him since he started but I bet he looks great. The day he started he saw his doctor and they wanted to put him on blood pressure pills that day. He asked the doctor to give him a month on the diet and now the doctor said he has the blood pressure of a 13 year old girl!!! It just goes to show yes we want to do this for our vainty and to feel good and don't always think about the health benefits but they are actually amazing! His new low carb plan sounds good I might try that when it's over although he told me you must got through the whole programme so I will try.

Anyway feeling positive I just had 1.5 hours counselling from him before by actual meeting!! We did talk work though for some of it!!

Hope you are all doing well and losing pounds!

Wish me luck tonight ;)



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Thanks Pete - have been torturing myself all week about the milk week. Im scared incase it takes me out of ketosis and i cant get back into the diet again. Think i have my mind made up that im not going to do it.


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Snap Ali - my weigh in is at 8pm tonite too. Its bite your nails time now isnt it :D
Milk week wouldn't take you out of Ketosis completely, but it does bring you to a less "deep" state of Ketosis. Most people find it doesn't really affect their losses, but it can play tricks on your mind as if you start getting used to having things like milk in tea/coffee again that can be hard to let go of again.

The only reason that NICE say you should do a milk week is that after 14 weeks their suggestion is that you have an entire week off of any VLCD plan (600 calories or less each day) - LL's comprimise is to bring the calories up to about 800 per day for a week using milk so while it's not a VLCD it will still make you lose weight.

But there is no proof that not doing a milk week has any adverse effects, just as there is no proof that doing a VLCD like LigherLife for a prolonged period (4+ months) has any adverse effects as well.

SO basically, yeah, if you don't want to do a milk, don't do it :)


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Thanks Pete. Have decided not to do the milk week. Him'd and ha'd about it all week but when it came down to it and i asked myself what i wanted to do - the truth was i think i was just playing games with myself - so feel much happier having decided not to do it

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