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New girl......


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hey bubbles. welcome to the world of JUDDDDm there are a few of us just started doing it.............myself, MsJMC and Shanny. honestly it is not as bad as it sounds. when you feel yourself getting hungry try having a warm drink. I drink either black green tea or I keep 100ml of milk (45 cals) for about 4 cups of tea a day and that does stave off the hunger. but really you will get through your first day and think, was that it? best of luck, keep online with your diary every day. I will add your name to the weight loss chart. I have found a good website for keeping track of your calories at MyPlate - Food Diary & Food Calorie Counter | LIVESTRONG.COM and you can have a look at my diary here: http://www.minimins.com/juddd-diaries/148131-my-new-diary-juddd.html

I have been doing JUDDD about 10 days now and so far have lost 5lb after having a major plateau! so it is moving in the right direction. there are also a lot of other diaries from people who have JUDDDed in the past.

Good luck with it. keep us posted


Thanks so much for your really helpful reply! Well I got on scales this morning and quite frankly I was disgusted. I hope this works for me cos I feel in despair today.

So far today I have had a nescafe moccha chino. I cannot live without that each morning. It gets me going, 96 cals so gonna have water from now on in or black tea.

I dont intend to list everything on my up day as I am gonna eat without worrying but not going overboard. Roll on bed time hahahaha

Roll on tomorrow! I shall report back later with my days food.

Thanks again, been looking at your diary, its helpful. Well done on your loss that is a really good loss.

Bubbles x
Hi Bubbles
I am planning on starting the week after next (heading to Lanzarote on Thursday so waiting until I come home). I am feeling really positive about it and it is great that there are a few more people doing it as well. Good luck with your first week and let us know how it goes. I'll be looking to you for advice when I get started!!

Journojuls x


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Hi bubbles and journo. I will add your names to the judders weigh in post along with myself, shanny and msjmc. So how is it going bubbles. must be a few hours in. I also try to get engrossed in my pc games coz I am a bit of a nerd lol but hours fly by with only thinking about my gaming and not my stomach. I hope it is going well for you and if it gets too much just go to bed lol, no if it gets too much, just turn it into an up day or medium day and start tomorrow. My first week I managed really well on my down days without much thought for food but this second week I have found it a bit tougher but I think it is because it is time of month and you always want to nibble on something, well I do anyway. another tip what I try and do, is something when i have ate something (even on an upday), it doesnt satisfy immediatly. so i have a cup of tea and promise my self that in 20 mins time (which is supposed to be the length of time the food you just ate gets to your stomach, or something like that) that if i am still hungry then i will try eat something else.

best of luck for the rest of the day xx
Welcome to juddd Bubbles, I've been awol for a while lol, moved house and had no internet etc, but back now :D

Good luck, let us know how you get on hun x


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welcome back bubbles. how are you getting on
Hi guys,

God I have been so ill with my throat. Have had tonsilitis, laryngitis and have now just got another bad throat infection. I must be run down. Anyway today I woke up and started to feel much better.

So starting back on my JUDD journey tomorrow. You have all been doing so well - well done all of you and eileen you are doing brill!!
aww poor bubbles. i hate tonselitis (haha, had to laugh at myself there as I had just typed tonsel tits!) lol

Oh and Pheonix I am so pleased you changed your name to something that we can all pronounce pmsl xx

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