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New girl!!

Yay, Today is the day that I finally join you all on this journey!

I have my appointment at 1 pm with the CDC, I am looking forward to it. How much money will I need to take? I have already started though as my best friend is re starting with me, and she gave me some packets.

I am hungry already but that's only because I got up early for work. I have a Banana Bliss carton with me, but trying to hold onto it for as long as I can. I will have my lunch after seeing the CDC, and will have a vegetable soup. I'm really hoping to pick some porridge up for dinner, as it sounds more ''filling'' :rolleyes:

I am a little worried. My BMI is over 40, infact it is over 50 :eek: I am slightly worried that my Dr may not give his ''Go ahead'' Even though my BMI is over 50, will my CDC still supply me with the packets, and ask me to get the papers signed for the next meeting? Or do I need to get the papers signed first before I can get anything?

I am really hoping to lose 14 lbs in the first week, I know I can do it and I know it is achievable for me. I look forward to sharing my journey with you! :D

Becky xxx
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I had to get the dr to sign the forms before I got given any. As for money, it depends on how much you CDC charges as they all vary. I'd take about £40 with you, possibly £45 just in case.
Good luck!
You need to get the doctor's signature first. As I understand he isn't signing to give 'permission' but to say he is aware that you are undertaking CD. If he doesn't play ball, go to another GP.

You might be able to start on a higher plan (perhaps 1200) until you get the signature but I would check out the thread on the stickies about GP signature.

EDIT: just checked the thread and you need GP signature for any plan if your bmi is over 40.

Hope you get it all sorted soon though.
Good Luck

I am on day 3 now...I am 16 1/2 stone so really have somewhere in the region of 5 stones to lose...eeek!
Be great to see how you are getting on with us starting around the same time!
goodluck and welcome to the forum, i hope your first meeting went well.
:cry: You were right, I have to get the forms signed before I can begin the weight loss program. I tried to call to make an appointment for the Dr as soon as I came out but they had none left. My surgery only does ''Ring on the day'' appointments, which is going to be a pain to get one!

I can't believe my luck! I followed plan til I went and I was feeling really positive, I only have enough packets to last me for today so there is really no point in saying I will carry on until I know I have a supply of packets.

I really hope I can get booked in tomorrow morning and hopefully fingers crossed get to see my CDC tomorrow afternoon...

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