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Hello there!!
ok, I ve really not a clue how to use this forum (computers are really not my thing!!)
I ve been on LT for just over 3 weeks and lost 13lb so far. It is hard but Iam focused because I really want and NEED to loose this weight.
All I seem to do is day dream about food though!, I think about different meals I could eat and all food seems to smell so good. Does anyone else have this problem? I just cant wait to EAT, but I have to wait another 8 weeks as thats when I go on holiday (just hope I dont blow all my weight loss on holiday)
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Hi FG and welcome.
Just remember all that food will be there when you are nice and slim. You can have whatever you want then in moderation ;)

You will soon get used to the forum and become an addict just like the rest of us:D


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Hi and welcome to the forum, anything you are unsure about on how to do things on here just ask and someone will help you.

I think we all tend to daydream about food while on TFR and one of my favourite pasttimes is to sky+ the cookery programmes and adapt them to healthy recipes for when I am eating.

I have just been on re-feed for around 10 days, but I stuck to fish, chicken, salad and veggies for the first week and stayed in ketotis. I then had 3 days when I ate carbs etc and I must admit I felt bloated when eating carbs. I weighed in again last Thursday and I stayed the same. Try not to worry about when you are on holiday, go there and have a great time. Obviously your choices will need to change to how you ate before, but a little bit of what you fancy does you good. It worked for me last week. Good luck on the remainder of your journey.


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I feel exactly the same! I keep wishing that when I did used to eat (and eat, and eat!) that I'd spent time making nice recipes although I'm looking forward to making new things with healthy fresh ingredients in the summer when I'm done with this!

Made fairy cakes for the family today and I couldn't even lick out the bowl!!

13lb in 3 weeks is amazing! You'll be totally hot for your summer hols :)


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I went out and bought some coriander and basil plants today and they are now growing lovely on my kitchen window ledge. Basil was one of my favourite new choices while on re-feed and its beautiful made as a dressing with fish, chicken and salad. I introduced some healthy new options and I was blown away with the new tastes on my new palate. Get writing some recipes down hun and you will be fine.

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hi hun and welcome to our little LT world! im sure your strong craving for food will diminish im not saying it will go completely but it will get easier honestly,just hang in there hun and drink drink drink that helps loads, the more u drink the more u shrink!!! GOOD LUCK!! X


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Some people have to cut the food out altogether to break bad habits. The weight loss is quicker than most "normal" diets. One stone a month for the ladies. :)


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Welcome Hun! Keep posting and dreaming of food is normal.....you only have to worry when you start sleep walking to the fridge!!!!


maintaining since June'09


maintaining since June'09
FG - well done on your loss so far, you're doing great! I don't think about food at all actually but I know people do. This is a wonderful opportunity to break habits and addictions, you're doing a great thing for your health - keep up the good work! xx
Wow hope I can loose that in my first week!
Good going by the way !!

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