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New guy! Some questions...

I'm thinking about giving this diet a go, the only thing im worried about is if I lose this much weight quickly (11lbs in a week in some cases i have seen on here), when I reach my target weight will I be left with loads of hanging loose skin? I'm currently 6ft and 21.5st if there are any other males of a similar starting weight that have before and after photos i'd be grateful. And also is the diet all milkshakes are are there any other forms of food you get? Any other info would be great

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Can't answer about the loose skin I'm afraid as I'm female and quite young so my skin has more elasticity...

As far as food goes there is:
Shakes (9 or 10 flavours I think)
Soups (7 flavours)
Porridge (2 flavours)
Tetras (3 flavours - same as shakes but ready made)
Bars (6 flavours - can only have these after the first 2 weeks)

There are also various things that you can add, such as water flavouring and mix-a-mousse to make shakes into mousse form

Hope this helps a bit
:welcome: to minimins mark. Like Liz has said there is bars and porridge aswell to choose from, there quite nice for a diet product. Sorry i havent any info on the loose skin how old are you? some people swear by using bio oil every day to help? sorry im not sure. There are a few fellas on here that have lost huge amounts im sure someone with more info will be along soon to help :)


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S: 15st12lb C: 15st12lb G: 13st0lb BMI: 34.8 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
I've been using Dove firming cream! I might be imagining it but I swear its helping!
I'm only 24 and I have really only been over weight 2 or 3 years. Some photos would be great, also roughly how much do you pay your cdc per week?
My cdc said because i was younger the loose skin wouldnt be as much of a problem for someone older. as we have more elasticity or something. Do you see the three blue bars at the top of the main page? in the middle bar you will see Inspiration SlideShow, if you click on it it will show you people who have lost weight with there before and after pictures. some on CD, lipotrim etc.


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Hi Mark, ive lost a little bit more than you wanted. I'm not gonna say I look like Becks but nothing like some of the horrors you see, I bet you watched the program on tv last night and i'd say that bloke was very extreme, however he had a band. My main issues with my own body is stretch marks on my stomach which were there before and my moobs which were there before also(would consider surgery if they dont fix up).
Sure my stomaches a little lose but not sagging. Moral of the story: I'm more comfortable with myself now, can wear what I want and generally happier.
Try not to see it in black and white, its hard not to go to so much effort and not expect perfect results but everyone has image hangups, 12 stone or 50 stone. :)
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Hi Mark

I'm 6ft and weighed 22.5st when I started, i'm now down to 18.5st. I must admit I been heavy all my life.

I don't think baggy skin will be to much of a problem, but it depends on how much you want lose. I'm quite solidly built so I'm only looking at getting down to 15.5. Having said that my wife has already asked me to start toning up( you can't win)

I'm feed up with shakes so I only have one a day, in fact I have 1 shake, 1 bar, 1 porridge and 1 soup each day, to mix it up I have them in different orders each day.


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S: 24st7lb C: 14st7lb G: 13st7lb BMI: 27.5 Loss: 10st0lb(40.82%)
Ps theres some pics in my profile or I can pm you link, might not be able to see them because of your post count. None topless im afraid, i'd give Jordan a run for her money :).
Your absolutley right badger I did see that program and thats what I had imagined, I know I'll never be ripped but as long as there isn't skin hanging like that guy, I do expect it to be a little wobbly but aslong as doesnt hang down like a deflated balloon, I'm starting next week and I think someone said you pay in the region of £35 to £40 per week, does that vary with being male female tall short etc or is it an across the board price?
S: 22st7lb C: 16st5lb G: 15st5lb BMI: 31.1 Loss: 6st2lb(27.3%)
Men pay a little more, as we have 4 items a day and women have 3. It works out around £48 a week, but your beer bill will be small.


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S: 24st7lb C: 14st7lb G: 13st7lb BMI: 27.5 Loss: 10st0lb(40.82%)
Its just an rrp really. Men do have more so might be nearer £45 but when you balance up with the fact theres nothing more, it isnt that expensive really and when the results come in you will find a way to afford it and giving up wont be an option.
Good luck, you'll be fine :)


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Hi Mark290,

I can say after dropping a fair bit of weight that the skin issue did worry me but though im not firm most has sprung back nicly, as others, stretch marks are a problem but I'd rather those than be hugly obese


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Same comments as the other guys really. When I initially lost my weight I dumped 102 pounds (7st 4 lbs). I had some loose (I would not say saggy) skin around my waist, neck (I actually had a neck after losing the weight!), and backs of my arms. However, continuing with the water intake after the diet and going up the gym filled me out some so quite quickly my skin either "tightened up" or the contents expanded to fit again - but with muscle this time rather than the blubber I had before. The difficult area to tighten is always my waist, though it is not too bad. I am just hyper-critical of it as it is looser than everywhere else and the gym can get a bigger reading from there with the calipers when I have my Body Fat tested - they struggle with the other areas!!

I have to say that looking back at my pictures I went too far - I went down from 18st 5 lbs to 11st 1 lb - I really did look ill. So much so that when I went on holiday my friends in Greece were scared to talk about my weight loss as they thought I had something nasty and was about to die. JUst be careful how far you go is all I will say.

I have since put back some weight - I am currently just over 13st, but most of that is "healthy" weight. JUst a few excess pounds which I am shifting again.

I would say that your skin will become looser as you shrink, but it will not be too bad .... It all depends on how far you go and how much elasticity your skin still has. You have your age on your side a little ....... I am on old fart at 45!!
hey there, my post may sound a bit weird but im a medical photographer and have photographed many many patients with excess skin from weight loss before and after they have had surgery to remove it - im not a doctor but from what i understand if your skin has streched beyond its elasticity, then your skin has streched, no creams (sorry all the bio-oil fans!) will work, and if you lose the weight slowly or fast it doesnt matter - youve sretched the skin beyond repair. i know my inner thighs and arms will not go back to "normal" but the health benefits of a healthy bmi far out way the alternative!

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