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New Haircut and Colour


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Hi All - Im desperate for a new hair cut and colour.

I havent had it cut in forever, and it was in the style of shorter at the back and longer at the front.

My avatar is a relatively up today pic, but my hair looks ok in it. It is starting to get really untidy and I have it up nearly all the time.

So if there are any style vistas out there (and i know there is!!) any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!!
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How about a few light highlights through your hair ? Go for half a head of foils

I have a full head but I'm all over blonde :) my pics tell the story better LOL

Your cut is ok how bout a side fringe?

*crashing in from cd board*
I say go totally different Mel - it makes you feel fab, I did it when I had lost most of my weight, went from long and dark to short and blonde - I felt like a new woman! :D

I'd suggest going and having a consultation with a decent stylist - most do this for free, and will know immediately what shape and colour would suit your features and will give you honest advice. It's in their interest to make you look good being that you're a walking advert for them!


Playing the Angel
Absolutely go totally different Mel, Just head into your stylist, or even a new one, and say "change me" let them cut. colour or whatever they feel is needed, you will walk out a completely new woman - halfway through LL I went from med length blonde to short and dark!! Best thing I ever did :)

Go for it - time to change.
If you don't like it then wait for it to grow back.
If you don't do it you will always wonder.....can't wait to see the pics Mel.


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I think I have decided on going to a chin length bob with a block fringe and going plum/deep purple
Oooh, yes, sounds fab!! I say go for it too...I had all mine chopped when I'd lost the weight too and I'd never go back to long - in fact it is one of the reasons that I need to keep maintaining because I have the worst non chin ever when I'm bigger and my chin and neck all merge into one. With no hair to hide behind this could be a really problem!!
I have had my hair cut!! Pics are on. You cant really see the colour, but it is a dark plum colour


Gotta Make A Change
very nice melarnz

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