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New here and starting cd tomorrow


Im new here, and im starting cd tomorrow. Im so glad I found this forum, and I think and hope it will help me with my motivation. I want to loose 17 kg, and i plan to use this diet for 6-7 weeks.

Is there anyone here who have used this diet for 6-7 weeks? How much did you loose?
hello there - welcome aboard :)

losses on CD are usually one stone per month (often more in first month) - some people lose more than this, some less - just a general guide :) hth

good luck with your journey - keep us posted !!

Debz xx
Thank you Debz:eek:
Im a bit nervous and exited about the diet. I have used it before, many years ago, and I lost 7 kg in 3 weeks. I remeber it was hard at times, but I really hope I will be able to keep focused and motivated.
I will try to be positive:eek:


Enjoyin' my journey....
Hi there - welcome to minimins - superb support forum. I'm just nearing end of week one on SS+, and have found this forum to be really supportive and motivational. Hope you have a good CD journey!
Hi, I lost 39lbs in 8 weeks, Debz is right 1stone a month is about normal.
Drink lots and you'll lose it fine, jane. xx


loving life
Hi, welcome to Minimins. You will definately find support here and it really does help you along on your cd journey. Good luck. xx


size 8 skinnies ..yesss!
Hi hun welcome ... I have been on the diet just under two weeks and have lost 8 half pounds :) and 1 half inches of my waist, some people have had bigger losses in the first week than me but trust me everyone is different by the looks of it! good luck x
Hi Well done for starting CD,i am due 1st weigh in 2moro eve and am hoping for about 6lbs loss anything above is a bonus.
It's a no to the diet coke though i'm afraid,i drink alot of water anyway but admit i have found it hard drinking only water. Mouth feels very dry and slightly swollen but other than that am proud i've stuck to it 100% on week 1.
Good luck hon xx
This first week I have lost 14 lbs. 6,3 kg

That is really amzing, and im satisfied. I have to say that im drinking diet coke some days. It doesent seem like beeing a problem for me, but we are all different. I think it would be impossible for me to do this diet if i didnt drink diet coke.

Have a GOOD week everyone:eek:
Well done Klompen!!!

6.3kg is going some for a 1st week! Long may the losses continue....
Well done Klompen, thats a fantastic start! Keep up the hard work!
Charlotte: You have done sooooo well!!
Tell me, have did you manage to stay focused all this time? Im on day 8, and its not so easy as it was a few days ago. I find it strange, but we are all different. I hope tomorrow will be better for me.

I should actually been supermotivated, i know I lost a lot of weight, but the truth is-Im feeling a bit sorry at myself, and Im not sure im going to do this diet as long as a planned.
But I really hope i will be able to stick to it.

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