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New here. Is my pharmacist over-cautious?

Hi, after a few days of research into Lipotrim I decided to go ahead and take the plunge.

I'm a 32 year old male, and decided I was sick of being a bit 'chunky', and could do with shrinking my 36" waist.

I'm 5'10 and THOUGHT I was 14stone4pounds thanks to my bathroom scales, but the trip to the pharmacy showed me that I'm 14stone11 (93.8Kg) with a BMI of 29.7

I told her that I wanted to lose 3 stone, bringing me down to a respectable 11stone11, but she said that's too much to lose.
She said 12 stone 8 is what I should aim for, but surely that's still too heavy? It would mean a BMI of 25.

I want to aim for a good medium weight, not one that's still bordering on 'overweight'.

Anyway, thanks for listening, it's good to join you all :)
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My pharmacist is the same. She thinks the very top of the healthy weight range is as far as you should go. It does seem odd to leave you right on the border of unhealthy doesn't it?!
That does seem pretty odd that your pharmacist would say this. Personally, I think that as long as you are aiming for a healthy weight/BMI it should be up to you. My pharmacist said that I should aim for 11 stone 7lbs, which if I remember correctly would have classed me as overweight. Have you tried to explain to him/her that you really would like to go lower?

Clair x
Hi dowd welcome to the site im new here too lol. i myself joined lt a wk ago. I told the pharmacy assistant who does my weekly weigh in that i wantd to get down to 8.7 she said that it would be unhealthy for my bmi and that they would stop the lt when i reached 10.10. but then she asked me if i have been 8st7 befor and i said yes i was happy and healthy she then told me that the furthest she can go down to 9stone 12 which would give me a bmi of 20?? but when i checked the nhs bmi table my bmi at that weight is be 22 so i think there lipotrim bmi table is a little bit stricter. id suggest maybe telling your phamacist that you would want your bmi maybe a little bit lower but it would still be in the healthy range with 19 being under weight thn 20 being healthy up to 25. if not then i try some other pharmacy because there all different approach.
Yes, when I told her that I'd rather go lower, she said that I'd end up looking gaunt....

When I first went in to see her she said it doesn't look like I need to lose weight.
I do carry it pretty well and come across as 'meaty' as opposed to wobbly, and for some reason my weight doesn't show much on my face, so I think she believes I'm overstating the problem. But...the scales say otherwise.

I do find it strange that some of us want to get down to a good healthy weight, yet are encouraged to flirt with the boundaries of 'overweight'.
Surely if we're losing weight safely and staying within healthy limits, it should be down to us how much we choose to lose?
I have the opposite problem! I've been told to get to 10st 10lb when i was on weightwatchers this was my absolute minimum weight and think I will look ridiculous, if I ever even get there. I think you should go off what you look like when you get nearer the weight and stop when you're happy. That is what I'll be doing.
I've got mine down to 22.7, my pharmacist said we'd only stop if I went below 22. But I decided myself when enough was enough. Don't see why they'd want to stop you at 25 seeing as that is the highest within the healthy range. I'd see how you go with it and when you get to 25 tell them you want to keep on going. Best of luck
Thanks :)

I think the problem is that if she does stop me when I get to 25 BMI, I doubt I'll be happy with the wieght loss and wish to carry on, so I'll end up doing what I did years ago and lose it in an unhealthy way, or resort to another food replacement diet.
I spoke to my pharmacist and she said the
same to me I hve to come off tfr when I get
to bmi 25 so annoyed will hve to try to convince
her to let me go further it seems insane to stop at
25 want to get to at least 22
like i said i really do think all the pharmacist do different approaches about the lipotrim some are more laid back then others. Mine doesnt do weekly urine and blood preassure checks but on the lipotrim website thier suppose to.
My pharmacist also said 11st 5lbs to me, when 11st 1lb gives me a BMI of 25! I am sure that when I get that close I'll be able to negotiate with her though; sometimes I think they need to get to know you and appreciate your commitment, rather than thinking you're in it for a quick fix.

You have just reminded me of another question though... I'll go and post elsewhere!
its only your pharmacists opinion... only you know what you want to be and you will know when you look and feel good.... personally id ignore her and just see how you go...

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