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New here, just completed day 3.

Hi Everyone, I'm Viv :)
I was just wanting to ask, I'm on 4 pack SS as I'm 5'8, does anyone know how much calories that equates to? And will my loss be slower than someone who is 5'6.5 and on 3 packs?
Its so tempting to just take 3 packs a day but I know thats not healthy so I wont do it, it just seems a bit unfair if it means someone an inch and a half shorter than me will lose weight quicker, if you see what I'm trying to say? Hope it doesnt come across wrong!
Also wondering if I've delayed myself from going into ketosis as I had a sneaky coke zero and 3 vodkas last night :eek:

'Treated' myself to some new jeans (2 sizes too small lol) today from the car boot sale along the road, hopefully I'll fit into them soon, as I'm not planning on straying from my packs + water from now on :D
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They won't lose weight quicker, you are taller and therefor have more lean mucles mass than someone who is 5" 3'

Not delayed yourself into ketosis, possibly triggered cravings and you really really shouldn't drink alcohol on CD, its actually dangerous!

Your packs will equate to just under 600 calories.


Oh aye, sorry meant to say welcome too! Got a bit rushed as running off to bed.


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hey hon. you shouldn't lose more slowly than anyone else. you have the extra pack so that your body doesn't go into starvation mode. the extra height means you need extra energy. so the extra pack is to boost your weight loss, not slow it :)

and you're still only on about 600kcals a day... so you'll still lose masses. don't fret.

congratulations on getting to the end of day three. drink plenty of water and hopefully the vodka won't have done too much damage, but drinking in ketosis can be dangerous and should be avoided. trust me on this one. it isn't much of a treat with the way it can make you feel!!

good luck hon :)

abz xx
Thanks for that :)
I thought it was only dangerous once you were in ketosis? I was only on day 2 so thought it'd be ok?
It wont be happening again anyhow, its not a regular occurance for me.



Hi !
Don't worry, I also had to do CD SS on 4 packs per day as I'm 5' 10" and I still lost a stone per month !
Don't be tempted to only have 3 packs on SS as us taller ladies do need the extra calories .
( I once only had 3 packs because I didn't get home until late at night, but I felt really ill and faint , so never did it again !!)
Hope this helps !


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Hi Viv...
Just wanted to say Good luck on your cd journey..
I am only 5 ft 2 and have 3 shakes even though I am told to have 4 not sure why.. I really dont think it makes any difference in your weight as your taller you need more nutrients...
Good luck :)

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