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new here & need advice ...

hi everybody,
I am new here of course and i really need your help and support :sigh:...

I am a 22 year old male i stand around 150 kg (330 lbs i guess) most of it are at the abdomen & pelvis ... i really never tried to diet before as i am easily tempted ,I always start a diet and end it in a maximum of 2 days :mad: ...

Now I am really frustrated and need to lose weight asap ... I thought about liposuction but decided to go without any kind of operations ...

I really need your advice and support on how/where to start the journey ...

thanks in advance,
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Hi and welcome. Have a look at the various sections in the site and see whether you would prefer a VLCD (very low calorie diet) like CD, LL or LT or something structured like SW or WW. If you want to know more just shout. How much do you want to lose and what about exercise?

Irene xx


escaping the fat
S: 23st5lb C: 19st8.5lb G: 13st0lb BMI: 40.5 Loss: 3st10.5lb(16.06%)
Hi qwerty, good to see you. From my vast experience of dieting I have to say if you like your food and still want a social life which I presume you do at 22 then you should look into Slimming World.
Its based around red or green days. On red you can eat as much meat, fish veg 7 fruit as you like but are limited on carbs but on green its as much, potatoes, pasta, rice, veg & fruit but only a little meat. You really can eat loads and still lose weight as long as you stick to the rules. There are classes but you can join up online if youd prefer and then come on here for your support. Whatever you choose I wish you the best of luck.
Well, I need to lose around 60kg (130 lbs) hopefully in 6 months to a year... I think I can walk about an hour daily ...

I've been thinking for a while about a low-carb diet ... and I don't think i can go with VLCD ...

Also, whats the deal with SW & WW ?


escaping the fat
S: 23st5lb C: 19st8.5lb G: 13st0lb BMI: 40.5 Loss: 3st10.5lb(16.06%)
Weightwatchers(ww) works on a point system. You are allocated a number of points according to your weight and can basically eat what you want as long as you stick within your allowance. Irene is doing it now and will know more than me. We do have a regular poster who has lost over 11stone on WW so it does work too. I just found SW so much more suited to me cos im greedy.
Hi and welcome to Minimins

Which diet to chose is a hard question, depends on how quick you want the losses, how you want things to adapt into your lifestyle.

I love the idea of a VLCD for the losses but I know theyre not for me, I love WW as I can have anything I want, so long as I keep to my points. You can incoporate nights out, take aways, alcohol ;)

Its a great option. Its just a case of finding out which one will suit you best :)
My advice ... start out slowly with small changes, things you know you can handle. Let's say that you need to eat 2500 calories per day to maintain your weight (you could look online to see what your actual number is, as it's probably not 2500) and then eat only 2000 calories. Just the 500 calories less per day would mean 1lb per week burned. Add to it 10 minutes of extra walking per day. That's it for the first week. Second week, make it 15 minutes of walking and maybe 5 sit-ups. Small steps.

Other than that, don't deny yourself anything - if you want a snickers bar, then have a snickers mini. Just try to eat it real slow to savor it. Moderation is a big key. Denial, at least for me, would mean failure. I am still eating my cheese in the mornings and I had a kid size popcorn at the movies today ;) Everything in moderation.

Best of luck.

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