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New job and shakes!!


I will do this!!!
Iv started a new job in a hospital. My job means im running around ALL day and i have to go up and down 4 flights os stairs every hour, plus the place i work is SO hot! Im worried that i might faint (been light headed for 2 days there now.)
Would it be really bad if mon-fri i had a salad instead of my lunchtime shake? Id still have a breakfast and dinner shake but id have a salad at lunch which is only 67cals???

Any thoughts would be great thanks :)
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You would still lose weight but not as fast. The people at the chemist told me when i was moaning about how hungry i was after about 3 weeks. You have been doing it longer than me so i guess it would be the same for you too.
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I dont think you can do that on LT, but the cabridge diet allows some food. you could give that a look and see if it suits u better with the new job? I do know what ur going through tho. I was in a job doing heavy lifting and strenuous tasks for my first few weeks. I just tried to drink more water and take lil rests when I felt faint. hope that helps.
Good luck hugs
I don't think you can eat on LT but i know the cambridge diet as a step called 810 which does allow you to eat. I'm not sure how the salad would affect your weight loss, it may work just slower. Don't want you passing out though


I will do this!!!
I know your not meant to eat on LT as its a TFR diet but if i have a salad thats 67cals and the 2 shakes and thats all surely ill still lose weight?!?!
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I actually cant imagine it making a big difference in how you're feeling. Because the shakes have everything the body needs in it -the salad may actually make you worse because you're consuming less calories with less nutrients.
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Or Slimfast...2 shakes and an evening meal

But I think Lipotrim probably works because it takes away the option of food. Most of us have high BMI's because we COULD NOT regulate our food intake and what this does is allows us to BREAK THE ADDICTION CHAIN before hopefully returning to as near normal eating as possible when the weight is lost. That, I believe is the strength with Lipotrim, it takes away the food option.

So personally, If you can I would stick to the LT as long as you possibly can. I could see it all going literally pear shape if you try to make up the rules yourself [You probably know this deep down yourself]
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If it seems really undoable to you, perhaps try the first week there on Lt TFR with extra water and an extra mutli vitamin. -Or maybe the falpjacks would help with hunger pangs. My Oh is an auxialiary Nurse and when he struggles he sits with a huge mug of black tea and a flapjack.

Congrats on th enew job too btw! :D
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if the problem is feeling faint isn't that linked to your calorie intake? If you start taking in 67 cals for lunch, thats less than you get in a shake so that wouldnt help really. plus it may knock you out of ketosis which would lessen your weight loss. is there no lift in the hospital? it may mean walking down more corridors but it would be better than stairs


I will do this!!!
Ok well i brought a shaker the other day so i think ill eat salads this week as im on antibiotics (in another thread!!) then when i finish the pills ill stop the salads and have my shakes again, plus then i will have been at my job for a week so i wont feel so conscious of secretly making a shake in my locker!!!
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week 1 -10lb :party0011:
week 2 -7lb
week 3 -1.5lb:cry:
week 4 -6.5lb :D
week 5 -5lbs
week 6&7 -6lbs
week 8 -9lb
week 9 +8lbs (had a week off!!) :cry:
week 10&11

Christ well done with the weight loss but how scary is that
+8lbs when you have a week off !!.

Just goes to show how easy it is to undo all the good work, but I really hope you are back in the groove and back on track.


I will do this!!!
I know 8lbs on! and that wasn't even a week really it was only 4 days and i ate salads!!!!! obviously they were bad salads!
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lol -you'll be fine no matter what. Its about making good decisions and seeing them through after all -think of this time as a practise run for refeed and then 'real' life!


I will do this!!!
Ahhh so scary! Thinking about refeed. Oh well these things are sent to try us :)


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Congrats on the new job hun.
As for the salads just be careful it doesnt stray to adding a slice of bread then next day some mayo etc etc cos I would hate to see ya blow this hun ya doing so well.
Good luck whatever ya decide


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Congrats on your new job I fully appreciate how difficult it is I work in an A&E department and am staying on this 100% but you can only decide for you x


I will do this!!!
Iv decided to forget the salads and carry on 100% :)
I personally wouldnt do the salad as I agree with Kilobel it could turn into ooh will just add this then that and it goes from 67kcals to 150kcals then 200kcals before you have even thought about it, I work in a hospital and spend all day running around up and down stairs and the whole time i was on LT i did it 100% you have your moments where you think urrgh dont feel too clever feel a bit wonky but just take it easy and go at a sensible pace , only you can decide what to do hon :) hope everything goes ok in your new job Gen xx

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