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new me 2009 weight loss diary

well i started the weight to go diet yesterday 11th march starting weight 15st 11lbs

found the diet really easy to follow the food was great and i sailed though the day.

day 1 food
breakfast strawberry shake
mid morning apple
lunch sweet parsnip soup
mid aft banana shake
tea braised steak and broc
snack vanilla shake
drank coffee and diet coke and lemonade.

woke up this morning on day 2 thought i would check the scales to make sure that day 1 diet was working and to my shock i was down 5lbs already to 15st 6lbs omg:happy096::happy096:

day 2 food
breakfast chocolate shake
mid morn apple
lunch mediterranin soup
mid aft banana shake
tea chicken hot pot and broc
snack strawberry shake
drank coffee, diet coke and diet lemonade.

im really loving this diet its amazing and im finding the food great and loads of it and its easy to stick to roll on day 3
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Is feeling the love!
Hi Newme,
God thats great weight loss.
2 days in and you're still feeling goo too!
I felt awful by the end of day 2 and didn't recover untill the end of the first week. All I could think about was getting through the first 7 days.
Good going!! :D
yes i normally struggle on evening and weekends with most diets but this one does seem a lot easier. i think sometimes its all in the mind. got to keep busy on weekends lind which is easier said than done.

oh i would never through out the size 10 clothes i been trying to get back into them for 2 years now but this summer i shall be in them for sure. hehehehe

day 3

meal plan for today
breakfast - chocolate shake
mid morn - apple
lunch - pea and ham soup
mid after - vanila shake
tea- smoked haddock and broc
snack - vanilla shake

im still finding this diet to be the easiest one by far. i have cealiacs disease and these packs are glutten free so my stomach is feeling great.

not weight any more this week until my weight in day on wednesday and see how i have done.


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9lb in less than a week is fantastic.
I am so happy for you that you're feeling good.
Your weight loss this week is going to push me into being extra good. So i will let you know how I get on.

Way to go you!! :cool:
thanks lind

well its day 9 and im sticking to the diet 100% even tho i am having mega problems with ex husband being a prick again. i aint letting him upset me like he normally does on mothers day. and im not going to be eating crap to comfort myself either.
its going to be a very trying weekend im sure starting on friday when he arrives at my house to cause loads of trouble.

im going to break this cycle of getting upset and eating and then getting fatter. the skinny me really wants to come out to play for summer as shes got so much nice clothes to wear. lol


Is feeling the love!
Go for it. Don't let him bother you, I know it's easier said than done. We go through it with my hubbys ex. Just remember that he has no plan in your life any more. Just because you share children it doesn't mean you are tied to him in any way.
Also, remember that he does it because he can, because it gets the same reaction.
well it was a peaceful night and he never turned, he called but i dont answer as i wont nothing to do with him he only shouts and makes me cry.

so im on day 11 now of my diet and i have stuck 100% to the diet every single day. the weight is going down so im very very happy about it.

i intend to stick to the diet 100% over this weekend and mothers day as there is more to life than food.

i have enough diet food to last me until 28th of march, so i have ordered another 2 weeks of diet food that should be here on tuesday.
im so focused and this diet has become a way of life now its not a struggle at all, i enjoy the food and the weight loss.

my stomach hasnt played up at all on this diet so im feeling much better in myself. cant wait to lose some more weight and get into that lovely skinny clothes.
just checking in

well its mothers day today and everyone has not bought me any chocolates or anything that i can eat or drink so thats good they have bought me loads of lovely presents.

i have stuck to the diet 100% even tho my dads been taken to hospital im still on track (normaly stress and im head in the cupboards for a few weeks) got on the scales today for a quick look and the scales are dropping so woohooo cant wait for my official wed weigh in


Is feeling the love!
Hope your dad's ok. Good going staying on track with your diet. It's such a lovely feeling knowing that you are finally defeating your food demons.
Good Luck for Wednesday weigh in.

nutty me

onwards and downwards
Well done with the weight loss - 12lbs in 2 weeks is fantastic.
cant wait to get started my pack arrived yesterday. so familiarising myself. I think i may have to start a few days later than I thought as my hubby has booked us a meal as we didnt do anything for mothers day!!

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