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New member (to be!)

Hi all,

I'm starting Lipotrim on the 2nd January and was hoping to find some friendly forum buddies to help me along (and for me to repay the gesture as well, of course).

I'm a mixture of excited and nervous at the moment but I'm expecting it be very hard to begin with - I'm worried I'll forget all the rules and absent mindedly open a bag of crisps or something!! :eek:

Any tips or words of wisdow would be gratefully received. :)

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Hi Julie, welcome aboard. I am starting on the 4th Jan, let's keep each other motivated.:)

My advice is drink all your water, minimum 4 pints but there's a saying on here 'the more you drink the more you shrink'. The first time I done a vlcd I bagged up everything edible and gave it away.
My biggest bit of advice is enjoy it :)

If you can be positive about losing weight and maintaining weight then you will find the journey enlightening as opposed to a struggle and a chore.


Thanks for your replies.

Nice that we are starting about the same time Lyn - we can keep each other company.

Also, thanks for your words of support Mike. I might stick that on my fridge as a reminder (not that I will be going in the fridge!) I am actually quite excited about starting.

I've already warned my boyfriend that he will have to fend for himself foodwise! I haven't told anyone else about it - how do other people feel about telling friends and family? I'm not sure if it would be helpful (I can just imagine everyone asking if I'm hungry or something and I can be irritable at the best of times! :eek: )

I have been increasing my water intake (I previously drank very little - maybe one or 2 cups of tea a day and a glass of water! :eek: ) I've got up to about 1.5l now and just seem to be in the toilet a lot! Still, it means lots of breaks from my desk!! ;)

With the Lipotrim sachets, do you have to decide what you want for the week, or do you just get what you are given?

Julie xx
S: 19st4lb C: 19st4lb G: 15st0lb BMI: 44.9 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
I've always been able to choose which flavours I wanted. Personally I like the soup so now I have that for lunch and tea and just a shake for breakfast. Maybe because its cold - which reminds me - be prepared you will feel cold!!!

Best of luck with the diet, it's ok once you get going and the results are so fast its amazing. I don't mind cooking for the rest of the family and today am cooking a big roast dinner and Christmas dinner tomorrow - and I shall sit and have my bowl of soup.

I used to get dreams of food and cheating in the first few weeks but they do go. I also worried about cheating by accident but it hasn't happened, I've always managed to stop myself before anything reached my lips and I'm changing my cooking habits so its much more less likely now. (I never realised just how much I picked while preparing a meal)

Enjoy you time before you start but there's no need to go on a massive blow out the food will all be there when you get to goal and you can sample it then. (note sample not gorge - I'm talking to myself here , can you tell?! lol!)
Hi Julie! :)

I've read about being cold - it will be interesting to see how Imcope with that. I'm naturally a very warm person and rarely sleep with duvet over me (which my OH is very pleased about!) and get flustered wearing a coat! I've stocked up on wooly tights though! :eek:

I've been trying to not go over the top with food over the last couple of weeks - I'm not sure if that will help with the hunger or not to start with? In any case, I've been finding it hard to stuff myself as I have been drinking so much water recently and feel a bit like a balloon! :rolleyes:

I think the soup would be easier to have at work (I haven't told anyone I work with).

You've done amazingly with your diet - I'd be very happy if I could get close to those losses. :)

Have a lovely Christmas. :) xx
Hi Julie, hav u bought all your LT sacets already?
I want to start back i did it abt 2 months ago only for abt 3 wks but lost over a stone and a half the results ar fab :)
reason i was askin hav u bought your stuff yet is cos i wanna start bak asap and wondering when the chemists will be open
No, I'm picking my stuff up on 2nd January - they made me take the DVD home first!

The chemists should be open on Thursday and Friday though - you could try then?
I dunno if i should wait till after new yrs cos i usually go out on a mad one so we'll c HMMMMMMMMM
Hi Julie and lyn, best of luck with your New Year start! I am into my third week and have found things like mixing up the shakes a little help me stick to them, like i'll make crushed ice shake with chocolate flavour and add coffee!

I have only told my immediate family as all of my circle of friends are perfectly proportioned and slim and dont think i need to lose an ounce ;) hows lovely. Have managed so far having soup and water in front of them. Also if going out, be the designated driver, and have sparkling water when out!

Best of luck with your journey and keep logged on, everyones so supportive and its great motivation to see everyones successes.

Hiya girls,

I too am thinking about starting back on Lipotrim, I did it last year and lost about 2 and half stone in matter of weeks then put it back ojn, I went back and tried it againn before hols and lost 1.5 stone but its all back on. I get married in May and am desperate to lose the buldge! I dont know why I kit myself that I can healthy eat as I so obviosly cant! I thought about cutting down this week food wise and start in the new year too, but maybe I should bite the bullet and just go for it now! I too was wondering when the chemists would be open! Oh me.....
Well, after reading many posts I have came to the conclusion that what is the point in trying to be good for a week then starting Lipo in the new year? Who am I kidding, I'll just pig out and think thats its fresh start in the new year wont i?! So called the chemist, they are open today, am gonna nip down at lunch time and get started tomorrow, still only going to eat fruit today and at least do a simple very short detox for today.... Wish me luck girls, am really looking froward to getting to know some of you. Am only in work today then thats me til next thurs, I figure it will be good doing this diet for the first week at home as I remember finding it hard to concentrate the first few days and working with nhs stats canna be good when I cant concentrate!!

Anyone out there today? WOuld love to hear from anyone and hear of your journey.x
Oh im so cross :mad:
went to the chemist today to pick up the stuff an they were shut felt lik breaking in an stealing my sacets!
Can just see the heading on the local paper "local girl robs lipotrim after Christmas binge" ha ha oh lord
well ill be goin down again tomorro so fingers crossed there gonna be open an i can start tomorro :)
Good for you Pineapple! Hope you are feeling okay today. :)

Sorry the chemist was closed Ladylipo, I can imagine how frustrating that is to get yourself all geared up and then they are closed!! Did you manage to get any today?

Quick question - how long roughly do the weekly check ups take? The chemist is about 10 minutes from my work and I was hoping to try and fit them in in my lunch hour. Do you think that is feasible?
I phoned my pharmacy yesterday and they didn't answer - I thought they were shut too and panicked, but they weren't - just very busy. I've got all my stuff for the first week. I'm starting on Wednesday.


Back on the wagon!
S: 17st7lb C: 16st5lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 39.3 Loss: 1st2lb(6.53%)
Oh thats great Henpom...best of luck with the start...you will have that 85lbs off in no time...I lost 65llbs in 4 ish month......
Hiya Julie84,

thats me day 3 now with no reall grub (first day was detox with small amount of fruit - 2 days of shakes) am getting on pretty well, no major probs, but wanted to come on line as was feeling like i needed som inspiration!

My appointments at chemist take about 2 mins! I go in and they ask how i got on, stand on the scales and then pay (gong from all my previous experience!) There is no support at all where I go and all they are interested in is the money! May be different else where?
Hi Pineapple.

Glad to hear you are getting along well.

Well, I suppose at least if the appointments don't take too long at least I won#'t be late back to work!! At least we can come on here for a moan!! ;)

When I went to the chemists to enquire and got the DVD, the lady was really chatty. Apparently she had done Lipotrim herself and was so pleased with it. Haven't met the actual pharmacist yet though, he could be a right misery guts!!

I'll let you know how it goes.

Keep up the good work Pineapple. :)
No you should be fine Julie with the timing, what I did when I went to collect my shakes the other was to call them and tell them I was coming and could they get my shakes ready - I only like the choc shakes so just told them a week of choc! I only get half an hour for lunch so its quite nip and tuck, they are fine with that tho.

I am glad there is someone their thats been through lipo, she will be great to talk to week in and week out. How long do you intend on stayin on here! I go through spells of thinkig I can last the month then think I could possibly go another minute!!
Hmm, probably about 6 months. I had a panic attack when you said that, had a quick google (that sounds rude! :eek:) and got so many conflicting ideas of how long you can stay on it.

The lovely people here answered my question in a separate post though.

I'm thinking I'll need to do it for about 6 months but I'll be taking it a week at a time as I can't even think what I am doing tomorrow let alone in half a year's time! :rolleyes:

How long are you thinking about staying on LT?

Hope you are well today. :)

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