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hi everyone on lipotrim, just joined the forum never been on one before. read lots of your great stories and successes on lipotrim. been doing the diet for just over a week and its not as hard as i thought it would be. lost 8lb on my first weigh in which i was really pleased about. struggling a little bit with the water any tips or suggestions would be great.
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hi and welcome

All i can say about the water is just keep sipping it through the day, best way to get through it
hi welcome to LT, best of look and yeah as above just keep sipping :)


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Hiya chick!! Welcome to the forum and LT

How are you getting on?? xx
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Hiya, welcome to the forum and well done on a great first loss!

As for the water, have a bottle with you at all times and sip at it throughout the day, you'll get through more without realising it! I have a 750ml bottle just in the car and manage to get through it on my short journey to and from work!

if i get bored with cold water try it hot i have quite a taste for it now x
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Welcome to the forum and many congrats on your first wi!! As for the water these days the only way I can get it into me is if its lukewarm. As someone else said take small sips throughtout the day and ya will be fine!


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Welcome lovely!

the water is really important as it washes away the ketones so theoreticaly is washing away the yukky fat!

when u think if it like that its a wholleee lot easier to drink!

Happy slimming


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Welcome and well done on your first weight loss! That's great motivation to keep going isn't it? I think the water intake gets easier the longer you are on this. Keep sipping and good luck!


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The water issue definatly gets easier!!! I am now on week 3 and before i started this diet i didnt EVER touch water unless it was to dilute juice and now i cant get enough. You will find you need it as your mouth becomes dry and icky and soon enought it will just be a habit - sipping that good ol water!! :D

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Well done on your first weeks loss, 8lb brilliant! Have you tried drinking warm water its supposed to be easier. XX
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welcome to LT and minimins what a great start with regards to the water try drinking it warm it may go down easier in this freezing cold weather

keep up the good work

hi, to you all who replied. thanks for the tips on the water, i will definately try it lukewarm while the weather is so cold at the moment. i have just had my chicken soup with a touch of curry powder, tasted quite nice. thanks for the support it really helps.
Hi cazzy, welcome and well done on your loss.
I've been struggling with water just lately but just realised I have got through 1 litre of it while sitting here browsing the forum for the past 15 mins, I have bought a pack of 6 sports bottle spring water ( the ones with the pop up lids ) I have kept them at room temperature and find it a lot easier that way than going to the sink and filling glasses, I shall just refill them all when I am done rather than buy more but I do find it easier.
Good luck.
hi adam, thanks for the info. great weight loss hope i can do as well as you.
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Hi and well done on your loss, thats great!

As for the water, I only drink sparkling water (cant drink still) as long as it has no flavours etc, just the carbonated water and I find the bubbles help me feel i have something in my stomach!! Maybe its because I used to be crazy on diet pepsi, but I find the fizzy stuff helps!

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