New membr who needs some vegetarian help!


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Hi there,

I've only just found this forum and it seems very informative and helpful, I'm following the weight watchers points plan and I'm a bit of an old hand at it. (Nothing quite like yo-yo dress sizes!)

However this is the first time I've embarked upon it as a vegetarian, I've got several weight watchers books but I'm very quickly going through the veggie recipes and have even adapted some of the meat ones.

I wonder if anyone else out there is a veggie on the points plan and would care to share their experience, hints, tips etc or does anyone have any good veggie point recipes or know of any weight watchers veggie books? I've seen one but I think it's American and I'm unsure on using cups (any help on this would also be good!)

I'm sure this won't be my last post and I plan to be around for a while so hopefully I'll be able to help some of you out in return!


Louise :)

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Hi Louise

i'm also a vego and like you I just adjust the recipes. My book is from 2009 I think and it has (do you eat fish?);
corncakes with tomato and bean salad
ricotta and chargrilled vegetable pockets
roasted pumpkin, lentil spinach and ricotta salad
Spaghetti with olives, broccoli and tomato
Tex Mex mushrooms
Vege biryani
vege risotto
vege salad with peanut sauce

I also like to have couscous, fruit salad and museli at lunch time, 0pt soup and 0pt salad but with tofu or chick peas.



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I am a vegetarian and have been for nearly 27 years. There is one vegetarian cookbook which is part of a 6 pack of books (its in a red folder type thing with 6 books inside and one of them is veggie) think you can get it off Ebay. BUT I tend to adapt a lot of meat recipes by using tofu or quorn and I just use the WW website (recipe builder) to recalculate the points. One of my favourites are the spag bol recipe in the fast track booklet (it gives you the quantities and points value if you are using quorn). Basically I don't see a recipe containing meat as a barrier for me trying out the recipe. The good thing about converting a meat recipe to veggie using tofu or quorn is that often it ends up being lower in points so thats a great bonus.