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New Mint Choc bar....


My husband = My hero


My husband = My hero
it was delicious!! i got 4.... i get a months worth at a time so got one for each week as a treat!!


hoping for a good loss
sounds wonderful. will email my CDC now and make sure she has some for me on Friday


My husband = My hero
mine only had one box, which she was given when she went to the conference, she said that those that went got first dibs sort of thing, so whether others will have them yet im not sure, fingers crossed!!!

Ahh yum I'm so jealous! Gonna see if my CDC can get me some! I wish they did choc mint tetra briks! Though I do really like the peanut crunch bars, anyone else feeling those? X


My husband = My hero
Romilly i used to love them, then all of a sudden they gave me the absolute worst heartburn so cant have them any more :(
Oh no LovelyLauren poor u! I ought to be careful then! I am having alternate bar days as my CDC said having one every day can bring u out of ketosis so hopefully I will be ok on them! Xx


My husband = My hero
you should be sweet, just me probably, never had heartburn in my life until i was pregnant with my babe, since then looking at stuff gives me it haha

was so upset!

enjoy a peanut bar for me sweet!



hoping for a good loss
have messaged my CDC to ask her - she better have them or she will have a riot on her hands lol
Ooh I am excited to try them. Seeing my CDC tonight and I know she was going to the conference so hopefully she should have some to try. Yay!
Ahh LovelyLauren did u ever try putting the peanut bars in the freezer in lots of little pieces? I wonder if that would stop the heartburn?! Just a thought. Anyway u enjoy your choc mint bars and I'm going to get onto my CDC! Xx
Could be handy for "dessert" on xmas day :)
my cdc isn't allowed to order the new stuff until the 13th :( I don't like after eights so these will be no good for me but can't wait for the new porridge xx


Slowly but surely x
you all know how much I covet my choc mint shakes so now Im going to be in after eight heaven! I cant wait, I really cant.

PS: I have a bar everyday and im still in ketosis!
No fair, mine isn't getting them in til after 12 Dec.

I think those that have them should chop them up into trial pieces and send them out to the rest of us!!!
Same for me, Moleymole. I really can't wait for the bar, though! Should have one by Christmas, though!


please try again
im dreaming of a christmas choc mint bar ...... lol

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