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new... miss_m food diary

just keeping a food diary to make sure im doing this right... please feel free to read and point out any mistakes im doing. im fairly new to sw and doing it from home.

day one ee

breakfast 2 alpen bars (he b)
muller light

lunch batchelors savory rice with added mushrooms, onions.
stuffed in a red pepper

dinner prawn stirfry veg
chilli sauce (2 syns)
egg noodles

evening cup of tea
packet of skips (5 syns)

total syns = 7
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Yum!! Your lunch sounds really good I love them packets rices have them all the time would be good to have them differently once in a while! Can you tell me how you did the stuffed red pepper please?

Also were your egg noodles the dried sort cos there only free if there dried fresh noodles you would have to syn :)

hi harrysmum...

i just cut the top of pepper and put in oven while my rice on cooking... mixed extra onions and mushrooms to rice once cooked and then stuffed it into pepper and put back in oven for few min... sometimes i put cheese on top its yummy...

i used sharwoods dried egg noodles... im assuming theyre free?
hi r u having all of ur h/e a and try and have between 10 and 15 syns then if ur weight plateaus u will have something to cut back on other wise looks good good luck :)
day 2 EE

breakfast - big mistake and didnt have any... slept in and had no

lunch - chicken noodle soup
banana and custard muller lights

dinner - roast chicken with gravy (2 syns)
mashed potatoes with milk and butter (2 syns
cabbage carrots and sweetcorn

evening - cup of milky coffee (he a)
fibre plus bar (he b)
packet of skips (5 syns)
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You need to have the full amount to get your Hex A's so 350ml skimmed milk, or 250ml semi skimmed milk (there are others but I don't know them off the top of my head, and my book's at home).

For syns today, how about making up some gravy with gravy granules. You could have a low treat for dessert too, maybe a glass of vino!

Kirsty x
thanks kirstabubble... prob better to syn my milk then and use cheese for my he a. cause i dont ever use all my allowance. only in tea and would only have max 2 cups a day.

yeah i'll use gravy and put some butter in my pots. think a nice dessert will go down a treat.. thanks for advice x
i always have milk left at end of the day so have a milky coffee with it :)
day 3 EE

breakfast - alpen light (he b) toffee muller light

lunch - chicken noodle soup
2 plums

dinner - sw chilli and rice

evening - cup of milky coffee (he a)
jam slice (15 syns) :eek: ate it before checking syns
alpen light bar (he b)
hi miss_marshmallow how are u getting on? u seem to have got the hang of the plan now, what day do u weigh in :)
day 5 EE

breakfast - late breakfast today, just had some left over sw
quiche and cheese (He a)

lunch - cauliflower soup. (5 syns) i think :confused: lol

dinner - baked potatoe, salad, ham and beans

snack - cup of tea and hi fibre bar (he b)
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hi miss_marshmallow i am doing ok thanks lost 1.5 lb last night so takes me to 15lb which im happy about i cant believe ive stuck to it for 11 weeks now i usually only last 3 weeks lol i have been doing extra easy but have done red today thought if i had a red week it might boost my weightloss next week watch this space good luck val :)

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