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New/old wardrobe

Well, from the 3 bags of clothes I'd hidden away once I "grew out of :eek:" them, I'm now into the last one.
Today I've liberated 2 pairs of jeans (size 12, with NO muffin top :D!), and also put away all my summer clothes, seeing as I've got the fire going and my feet are freezing!
My aim is to empty those bags, then I can SHOP!!!!! Can't wait to buy actual NEW clothes ;)
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It will happen so quick you won't believe it Mags. All of this stuff, just 8 weeks ago I couldn't have dreamt of getting into, I've gone down 2/3 sizes in that time. Bloody amazing!! Start to try things on in a couple of weeks, you'll be gobsmacked. xx


ive filled 2 big black bags full of clothes...some even new and still have labels on, they are all just too big for me now! charity shop here i come


Ready for the new me!
How fab is that ! Soo happy for you lucy hehe. I cant wait for that to happen to me, ive skrink wrapped my "thin clothes" in one of those vaccume bags and i got it from the attic the other day but i think i have a while yet to fit in to them :eek:.

Ive noticed my size 18 jeans :eek: (how ashamed am i) are too big for me now and even my belt is too big which is a lovely feeling hehe.
Tracy - EBAY THE CLOTHES!!! I eBay-ed the nicer bits and a couple of new things too last week - it's good fun watching the bids go up, and you get some money back to buy more!!!

River - it won't take as long as you think. It's a great feeling when you can feel your clothes are too big isn't it? :D


yeah would do but ive got a cousin coming over in November from Ireland and she wants me to save them for her lol so whatever she doesnt have will go on ebay


Ready for the new me!
Yes lucy, its a lovely feeling :) Thinking of buying a load of primark stuff and leggings to avoid buying jeans every month now hehe.
Yes lucy, its a lovely feeling :) Thinking of buying a load of primark stuff and leggings to avoid buying jeans every month now hehe.
Leggings are a brilliant idea! I've been in mine alot lately too. I have treated myself to a couple of bargains from eBay and a supermarket top, oh and some knickers :D!


Ready for the new me!
Oh i never thought of ebay thats a good idea! The pair i did buy cost me £12 so cheaper the better :p !
I find eBay is a bit pot-luck - I've found some all-time favourite clothes on there for peanuts, but you never know quite how something's going to fit or how it's going to look! I re-sell anything that isn't right. I've sold most of the things that are now too big for me too, so I can replace it all with smaller sizes!! Great fun! :)
Ooooh, it's lovely buying small pretty underwear and ditching the Bridget Jones ones.
I don't mind who sees my undies on the line nowadays.
Funny, they are half the size and take up twice the space - must have 4 times as many !!!!

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