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New person here...

Hi everyone! I had a gander for an introduction thread but I didn't see one so I thought I'd just start my own - I hope that's okay :)

Today I have started the Cambridge Diet, after seeing some glowing articles about it in a huge range of magazines and newspapers, and I even saw a man on a TV quiz show (can't remember which one now) who'd lost an incredible amount of weight in such a relatively short time. It definitely sounded preferable to Weight Watchers!

My parents have been on WW for almost three years now, and both lost incredible amounts of weight. I joined them, but after losing a small amount of weight to begin with, I quickly found that the amount of food that you can eat just wasn't good for someone as undisciplined as I am. It's far too easy to spread loads of butter and cheese on sandwiches and not count it in the points. Plus, just how annoying is all that points counting? :giggle:

Last year I got gallstones and was quite badly ill for a while. From the end of July until October I was eating nothing but salads and soups and managed to lose about 3 stones, which was incredible. At the beginning of November I got landed in hospital with pancreatitis and after that I couldn't eat anything but rice and vegetables without being in pain. As you can imagine, after a month or so of that I'd lost a further 2 stones, and I was pretty thrilled. Unfortunately though, after the operation to remove my gallbladder I was able to eat again and so between December 2006 and now, all of the weight I lost has piled back on.

And that's why I've started with Cambridge...I want to lose it all again and hopefully keep it off. I seem to be better at diets where I have an extremely limited range of foods that I can eat, so I've really got high hopes for this, especially after seeing all of your signatures with the amount of weight you've lost in them! If I lose anything over 6lbs in this, my first week, I'll be over the moon.

Unfortunately I'm going to Las Vegas next week for 4 days with some friends and not eating food when we go out for meals etc is going to be hard. I managed to do it last year, but still...ack! Does anyone have any tips along those lines? I really don't want to break the process so early on!

Thanks a lot for any help, and I hope everyone here manages to reach their goals :)
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welcome to minis!

that guy u saw on telel was actually mike, hes icemoose on this forum :D wow ur going to vegas! have a fab time and in the meantime, have a great first week on CD. its really hard the 1st week but gets much easier after that. best of luck xxxx
Thanks a lot! :D

I'm a Harry Potter geek so I'm going to Vegas to celebrate/commiserate the last book being released next weekend. I think I'll take a lot of those cartons of the pre-made shakes with me - hopefully they'll tide me through :)

I think I'll use this thread as my diary for the diet, after seeing a few other people keep them on here. Looks like a good way to keep motivated.


I can do this.
well done on choosing cd, it's a great diet.. the weight falls off. Have a great time in vegas.
I can't wait for the weight to start coming off! :D

Okay, so today has been my first full day. I started off the day with a vanilla shake and was pleasantly surprised at how nice the taste was, even though I hadn't blended it quite well enough so it was still a little powdery. After that I tidied the house a bit, and then my fiance and I went to see our counsellor. My fiance (Mat) has decided to do the diet along with me since he has a bit of extra weight he'd like to drop in time to start going through the application process for the police in the next few months.

I was measured and weighed and it turned out that I'd put on 3lbs (eek!) over the weekend (I went to see her before the weekend but didn't start until today as I've been at the Oxegen music festival in Ireland this weekend) and 2 inches around my waist. I was quite surprised - I really hadn't expected to put any on since we were walking constantly and barely eating, but then it has been my time of the month so I guess that could be it?

Anyway, got home and decided to have a soup for lunch. I tried the Oriental Chilli but the water wasn't hot enough and I don't know what those chewy bits are in it but they really didn't enamour me to the soup as a whole. It's a nice flavour, but I think I'll give that one a miss in the future.

Dinner was half a sachet of butterscotch shake, which was pretty good. I had the other half as supper about half an hour ago but Mat made it for me and used tap water (and I'm fussy and hate the stuff) so not all of that got drunk!

I've had about 4 litres of water throughout the day and I'd forgotten just how many toilet runs that equals! :D

Hopefully tomorrow won't be too hard.


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To one Harry Potter geek to another hello and welcome.

Funny that you should mention HP - I have just finished re-reading book 6 in the last hour ahead of book 7 being released next week (only 9 more sleeps if you go to the midnight launch!!!!!) - I am going to see the new movie on saturday huzzah!!

Congratulations on your decision to follow CD - I can honestly say that starting CD was one of the best decisions I have made in my life.

Looking forward to celebrating your future losses - and of course discussing HP7!!!


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Hello there.
Good luck to you with the diet. I'm sure you'll be able to do it without too many hiccups, after all you seem to have been through an awful lot recently and you've come through it all.
Best wishes,


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Welcome hun! great choice of diet, just watch the weight fall off.
Hiya... good luck with your venture¬!!!!

vegas is so wonderful.... and I can't wait to go back....
Are you going to the grand canyon? Papillon Helicopter tours are who we went with and they are brilliant....

You could also try the new glass walkway over the canyon... I have a photo of it in my diary,... not sure what page it's on.....
It's a great trip.....
Good look on both your weight loss journey and your vegas trip....
<each day I yearn to go back more and more.... must get saving>


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Welcome on board, i'll keep a look out for your diary.
Wow, thanks to everyone for making me feel so welcome! I love this place! :D

Breakfast today was a chocolate mint shake - oh my goodness just how delicious is that flavour?? I can tell I'm going to be getting through a fair few packets of that ;-)

Today Mat and I are going to see the new Harry Potter film at noon (eeeeeeee!!) which shall be a test - no popcorn, boohoo! I shall buy a big bottle of water and try to ignore the rustling of sweet papers and the crunching of popcorn going on around me.

I went to bed at 10pm last night, which is the earliest I have done in about a year. It was mainly so I could ignore the hunger, but I feel lovely and rested. I could get used to this!

Fuzzys Angel

The Lovely James Hetfield

Welcome to minimins it's a great place to come for support, everyone on here is so friendly.

Have a great time in Vegas, i'm spending a week there in October, staying in the Luxor hotel. Which one are you going to?

You'll have to post when you get back & let me know what it's like, never been before...xxx
I'm not actually sure which hotel it is - a friend of mine has paid for a suite which I am staying in but as she's paid I don't have the details! Should be awesome though :D We're going to the Paris place to have a look around.

I had a slightly better day today than yesterday. Lunch was a vegetable soup. It was quite nice, certainly better than the Oriental Chilli, but there's still something about the taste that I can't quite get my head around. I'll try the broccoli one tomorrow.

Dinner was a chocolate tetra-pack as I was visiting my parents. Now that was good. I think I'll take a load of those cartons to Vegas with me so that I definitely have something to eat instead of real food. I really don't want to get out of routine.

Water measure today is about 3.5 litres, I think. I'm hungry, but keeping myself busy. I can do this.


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Good luck with your CD journey - I am sure you will have every success and easily achieve your goals:)

p.s. I'm taking my nephews and niece to see HP tomorrow evening and its the first time of going to the cinema while on this diet so no popcorn for me either....don't want to drink too much water either, can't have a toilet break and miss the action;)

Hope you enjoy the film and give us a review later.

Have a good diet day
Thanks! :D

Well today has been pretty hard, I must say. Another chocolate mint shake for breakfast, and then a chocolate carton during the film (which was just okay - I wasn't that impressed really). After that we had an almost unbearable few hours. It didn't help that the bloody ice cream van was driving around outside for about half an hour. I haven't bought an ice cream from a van for years and years, but today...oh, the noise just reminded me of ice cream. I love the stuff. Gah.

Dinner was a banana shake which was delicious - it tastes like Nesquik! I'm gradually building up a library of the flavours that I really like so that come Tuesday when I buy my new box I can just get those ones.

I think I've had about 3 litres of water so far today. I don't find drinking so much of it hard, mainly because it fills me up somewhat, but the toilet trips are really getting to be a pain!

Hopefully I'll have entered the ketosis stage soon so that the hunger pangs will go away. I've lost the envelope my counsellor gave me with the strips in so I've no way of telling, unfortunately. Is it usually after about three days that it happens?

I need some serious distraction tonight, as I've been thinking about eating a lot today. I even thought about McDonalds, and I hate that stuff. I hope it doesn't get harder from now on.

Mat and I were saying that knowing our bad luck, we'll only have lost something like 2lbs in our first week. Saying that though, I wore a size 16 top today that just under a week ago was too tight, but was comfortable today. I hope that bodes well!!
Oh. My God.

It was my first weigh in today...and in my first week I lost....

15.2 lbs!!!!!

I'm so happy! I frickin' love this diet!

All week I was thinking miserably that, just my luck, I'd only lose something like 4lbs. And that...just...WOW.

My fiance Mat lost an equally amazing 11lbs! We're so chuffed right now, and really set to carry on with this until we're at goal :D

The last few days have been quite easy - no hunger pangs and the shakes have been slipping down like a dream, so I imagine we've hit ketosis. The bad taste in my mouth is severely annoying me though - yuck!



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Wow Lennielou you and your other half have done fab, well done!!! It certainly is a great diet if you stick to it (not like me and cheat)!

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