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New Photo


WILL be Slim!
already such a huge difference!!!!! Keep going mate! your doing super!
Thanks :D

I couldn't manage a whole body shot, but my belly has really come down from that top photo. I tried on a 2XL T-shirt my folks brought back from Australia, and I could actually get into it. It's a bit tight around the belly and moobs, but it's wearable around the house...

Bad Jar

Every ounce is bounce
Awesome, well done!


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well done jim x x


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OMG, what a difference in 4 weeks! Excellent x
Bloody hell!!!....brilliant!!!


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woohoo well done that fantastic xx

mrs bee

doesn't like the rain!
Well done, a real change there!!
Thanks all! Yeah, I can see a big change. I think things look particularly bad because I had my shirt open and it had rolled back a bit.

But hell, things *were* bad! I couldn't even button up the team shirt :( I had an opportunity to drive the racing car a couple of years back at Mallory Park and although I could squeeze into the seat I couldn't get the steering wheel back on... It was at Mallory Park, the top three drivers were whisked off on the mobile podium and a nearby team member could fire the car up and drive round after it. And it happened to be me, with the rest of the team miles away down the pitlane. So while the other two cars drove off, I had to push the car down the track (myself, at least I'm quite strong...) and into the pit lane. There were loads of people there too, it was ****ing embarassing to be honest.

Yet it took me nearly two years to start to do anything about it.

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