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new photos

hi guys n gals,just wanted to let you know that i just got my sister to take a couple of photos of me, you will have to excuse how i look though lol i am full of cold,havent done my hair as been laying on the sofa 'got a cold' and wearing scruffy casual clothes

i will get glammed up when i treat myself to a new dress but just wanted to get the photos up to show you guys the difference, i must admit i was shocked when i saw them,i havent seen myself look like this for a long time and i cannot believe it is me especially compared to how i looked 5 and a ahalf months ago:D

hope you dont get to frightened by them lol
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Wow Nicki, you really look fab; enjoy your success!
you look brill you must be so chuffed


I will do this!!!
You look amazing. You really put into prospective why im doing this diet so thank you! i hope i can look as good as you when i get to my goal
your pics a fantastic. it would be strange for me to visulise myself looking that thin when all i have seen for god no's how long is me being(as my nephew says) PODGY. I hope i can achieve that, not that it will be hard with everyone from this site and all the encouraging words they share. im so glad i found this site x you look amazing!


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Thanks Nicki they are great pics, you look fantastic, congratulations, absolutely well done!

It's so helpful you guys sticking around, it really helps and inspires me.

You lost twice as much as I have to lose and you did it, I really admire you and take care xxxx
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WOWZER what an amazing difference, you look like a totally different person. What an achievement, well done! xxx


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THEY ARE FANTASTIC...Only one problem...I've a bad neck now from looking at them all sideways. LOL.
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Looking fabulous Nicki - can't wait to see you dolled up! Will give Porgeous a run for her money! ;):D- we will have to start a Minimins model agency for you both - you look so gorg!!

Well done again hun.

Carol x


a new way of living!
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OMG!! you look amazing! I'm so jealous! Cant wait till i'm at target! A real inspiration.
You should be really chuffed with yourself. No saggy bits either!

How have the kids reacted to their new look mum?

I'm in shock!
Well done.
my sons keep on saying to me 'are you allowed to eat that' lol, the 6 year old says to me 'you haven't got a big belly now have you mummy' he is also a bit health conscious now which i thought was a bit strange for somebody of his age but he always asks for fruit,he says he wants to drink water instead of juice as it is better for him and rarely asksfor sweets,when he does eat sweets he says 'this is just a treat isnt it mummy because if we eat to many we will get fat' he is very clued up, it doesnt frighten me that he says it,it isnt like he isnt eating or thinks food is bad etc he is just very aware that if he eats to much of a bad thing he will put on weight and has also become alot more aware of the food that is good for him so it cant be a bad thing.

i feel proud that i am no longer the 'fat' mum that takes him to school,that is out of breath when i walk up the hill tot he school in the morning,that i can walk and keep up with them 'in fact they really struggle to keep up with me' even a couple of his little friends at school have said ' you look nice' to me and my son just smiles from ear to ear which makes me feel so proud.

all in all it is brilliant, it has helped me become a better person and a better parent as i am alot happier in myself and can set a better example for the boys

dont have sagging skin as such no which i was surprised about after losing 8 and a half stone,i thought i would have lots, my boobs did start to look a bit like prunes lol but they have seemed to tighten up now leaving just a little bit of skin but nothing unsightly and my belly needs firming up but looks alot better than it did 5 and half months ago so i cant complain......

thanks for your lovely comments xxxxx


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Nicky, you look stunning and so happy, what an inspiration to us all.
You deserve evey bit of your happiness and joy. Enjoy your new life and I send my very best wishes and love to you. xx

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