New pics


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Hi Everyone

Ive just got back from a couple of nights in Glasgow, we took my sons to Cbeebies live, it was brill. When the boys had breakfast I went out a big walk along the Clyde. Thought I might feel a little bit down I wasn't eating but it was no problem at all!!!

Ive put some new pictures on of my progress for you all to have a nosy at.

Hope you are all doing well. I'm just off to catch up on the threads

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looking good hun!!


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Thank you! I felt really good when I got dressed up in the dress!

LS: Thanks your comments have made me smile!


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When LS has finished with your legs can I have them?? Looking great hun!



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You look gorgeous - the difference between these new pics and your before is amazing!


nearly there!! :)
u look amazing hunni ur doing brill xxxx


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Wow, you look gorgeous!

Your little boys are so so cute, love the picture of the kilt, showed it to my little boy and he said he wants one too - maybe not a good look in London though!

We're off to the CBBs show next Saturday, can't wait LOL!

Love the SECC behind in the picture, I live in that place for about 5 days a year!

Louale x


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Thanks everyone!

Im feeling really great at the moment. Its great being able to try on all the lovely clothes for parties etc and things actually fitting. I bought some skinny jeans in Glasgow, they look good too so am well pleased!

louale, youll love Cbeebies, it was great. We are all up dancing and singing. yeah my boys love getting dressed up in thier kilts. The first tiem I put my oldest in one he cried but soon came round when he saw all the men in theirs!

Thanks again everyone!


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You look gorgeous and glowing. Well done Emz.


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You look amazing- i had a look at your 'before' pics and how you look now and you can really see the difference!! ;)
Well done, you must be so proud of yourself !!! :bliss: :happy096: :clap: :party0049:
Xxx Lizzie xxX