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New Pregnancy Diary

Ok well started a new diary. For all the newbies lol

Im 5 weeks today I think. Not up during the night for the toilet anymore so thats a relief. Feel so tired all the time, but apart from that you'd never know i was pregnant.

Really wanna lose some weight while pregnant. I did join scottish slimmers b4 i found out i was pregnant. And its a diet your allowed to follow while pregnant. So really going to try and stick to it.

Havent been to the gp yet. Did call yesterday and was told you dont need to see a gp now, u just go to get a form and fill it in and hand it to the receptionist. Am going to have my bloods checked on friday, so will fill the form in then. Not looking forward to seeing my mw/consultant as had a lot of problems with last pregnancy and was advised not to have any more. So that will be fun.

This is my 4th baby. And definatley the last lol
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by the way ladies i think ur pregnancy tickers are amazing - heart beat already! size of an orange! so exciting :D
Thanks everyone

Sarah i seem to be so tired all the time lol but i do have low iron levels which doesnt help anyway. Then come 10pm i seem to come to life. typical isnt it

watched that mums to be behaving badly or something like that tonite on bbc 3. Has made me even more determined to make sure i lose weight. As i will be a planned c/s it would be good for me and the baby if i lost weight and have looked into it and they say for obese mothers to lose weight wwhile pregnant is a good thing for both mum and baby.

Funny i dont normally like fruit, but i have been wanting fruit for the last few weeks which is a good thing. The last 2 pregnancies with the girls it was all chocolate i craved which i didnt normally eat.
Not a bad thing Karra :)

Went to the docs and filled in my form to be referred to the mw this morning. And have my 1st app on tues. Seems more real now lol
What age are ur other kids, wow 4 - you'll be busy!!
Hehe, I only have 2 others but they are 6 and 1 too. Last time I was pregnant I was also advised not to have anymore before I lost the weight so I'm dreading the midwife appointment too, and I'm also craving fruit. isn't that funny.

What complications did you have with your last pregnancy? If you don't mind me asking.
Had my 1st mw app today. Wasnt as bad as i thought. I was so nervouse it would be the same mw frm b4 but it wasnt. She went through lots that have changed since i had my last baby. u now get a 20 weeks scan which is good.

she recommended to take vit d. is anyone else taking that?

she said they will get my booking app sooner rather than later due to previous probs.

fatty - i had low platelets in pregnancy, so cause a lot of bother later on. and no one had dealt with it b4 so one doc would say one thing then another would say something else. i ended up being induced and failed to progress and baby got distressed and i ended in an em c/s and then they discovered baby had low platelets too and would never have survived a normal delivery. so it was all a bit scarey. baby ended up in special care for blood transfusions and i suppose this baby will have that risk too, which is a worry
Hey, glad you have a MW you can be relaxed around. My MW gave me vitamin D3 and fish oil tablets - but going to take them after I have finished my supplies of vitamin tabs (which have it in it) and the fish oil tabs. Yep you get a 12wk and a 20wk scan, I got my 20wk scan on the 13th May so exciting as that is when you find out the gender of the baby as well :)
see we didnt get that b4. we had a scan about 11-15 weeks. our hosp policy is they wont tell u sex of the baby. im hoping that might have changed too otherwise ill need to buy a scan and find out
i couldnt believe they didnt give u one. so many ppl find out problems at that stage and in our area no one got it. i will ask at my 11 week scan if they will tell me at the 20 weeks otherwise ill book a private scan about 16 weeks im just dyin to know lol
Well I can give you an answer, it is either 50% boy or 50% girl, problem solved!!! hehe ;)
haha see because ill prob b in hosp a while and will need a c/s i just wanna be as organised as possible and have loads of the right coloured clothes. i hate havin to rely on other ppl to take me shopping lol and cant trust oh to get nice clothes lol
Have had a bleed and now its turned to browny discharge. mw says its implantation bleeding. have never had that b4 and when i looked it up it arrives 6-11 days after ovulation, if thats the case why is it happening to me 4 weeks after ovulation!! feel as tho they just wanted to fob me off. But felt sick today so thats a good sign.

The sun is getting to me. Usually i love the sun, but its makin me feel sick and really tired.

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