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New Questions

I'm new hello!
I started class on tues and really hope to do well this week Even though I have the cold I am still being good!

I am hungry though but I think it's psychological. I tend to 'treat' myself under all emotional conditions happy sad depressed mad etc. So I'm missing my sweet treats.

I had a baby 17months ago and just can't seem to get back to my slim size 10 although to be honest with myself I was a bit over the size 10 when I concieved. I think this last stone and a bit has just been a build up of holiday weight successively and I didn't get rid of it each time!

My big question is this.. anyone else look at their instructor and think they are not the best example? I don't expect her to be anorexic but I'm slimmer than her at the moment and she really is quite flabby. I don't mean to be rude but I just expected to find a slim fit person.

Also does anyone else find the exercise class a bit tame and repetative? We did salsacise last week and just kept doing the same thing over and over.

Last thing anyone else done this with not a huge amount to lose (stone and a bit) that can tell me how long it took them. I suspect I might not get the amazing weight losses someone with more weigh to lose might achieve?

Fingers crossed for this tues weigh in!!
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Oh my word!! This is just like my experience!! I joined a class last year and the instructor was quite big too, she used to tell us where she had eaten out and would refuse to get on the scales ever! I thought she was a crap role model and didn't inspire me at all!!

The exercise was the same every week and the music was boring and she used the same cd every time. I knew I was bored when I knew exactly what song was coming and what routines we would be doing. It got a bit soul destroying to be honest!!

Don't get me wrong I love the diet and exercise in class it was just a bad choice of instructor. I lost about 1st 5lbs before I packed it in and that took me about 8/9 weeks. In my first 2 weeks I lost 5lbs and then tended to have a steady 2lbs loss from there on in.

I've started again on my own using all the old books and I go to the gym and do classes there so don't think I'll bother going to a class again. I have a set weigh in day at home and the money I save goes towards the food so it's all good.

I didn't expect an anorexic either but I wanted to look at my instructor and aspire to be like them in some way.

Where are u from by the way?? Be funny if we were talking about same class!! Lol!!

I'm from Dalkeith. You?

I have done the book before and did well but this time round have a baby to affect my willpower so thought the class might push me to be good. We shall see how it goes. I have paid 4 weeks up front so I will do that much at least.
I did callanetics at the beginning of this year and the teacher there really was inspiring I wanted her body. But I gave that up as I kept missing classes due to illness and to be honest having a wee one means by evening I'm knackered!
Well done on your losses so far that's great you look pretty slim from your pic

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