New series of CSI!!


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been at work fry fish and chips for half of yorkshire feels like it anyway so taping it dont give anything away without warning me not to read lol xx


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Me me me!! I love CSI and sooo sad about Warwick :( Not seen the end of last season yet though!
I've read about what's coming up with this new season and it surprised me.... We'll just have to wait and see how it turns out!


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It's a bit like the beginning of the new NCIS all drama...I missed this though, it looked great and I also like Warwick, dishy dude! But then Grissom (spelling?) is da man...


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To say my family are addicted to CSI would be an understatement!

We don't 'watch a program' we 'do a case'. We find ourselves regularly checking each other for 'GSR' and when we went to New york last year we were constantly on the look out for Mac. Didn't see him but felt confident that he was there keeping an eye on things.
In Las Vegas the year before, I really hoped Grissom would meet us at the airport, as honoury members of the team, it would have been appreciated. But I guess he was busy with Sara or something.

Yes, we quite like CSI!


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I love all things like this: NCIS, CSI, Bones, Criminal Minds....


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Ive only just recently discovered Law & Order, so my Sky plus is groaning under the weight of Law & Order, Criminal Intent & SVU. LOVE Bones, thats my favourite, and Cold Case.

Ah, Law and Order. Got my mum into that, but it is on late and she invariably falls asleep before the end:D. Frustrating.

Not heard of Bones though.



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I like all the CSIs (are there three?) but my fave is the original


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Put me down as a CSI fan. I'm not a fan of NY or Miami though. The original is the best IMO.

I'm also obsessed with Criminal Minds and Law and Order: SVU.

Have any of you watched the Wire? Fabulous series set in Baltimore focusing on the police. We're working through the DVDs and its amazing!


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If anyone likes PC games, get the CSI ones. I love them, the graphics are great and you can go searching for clues and evidence yourself to crack the case :D:D:D


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I love the Vegas CSI too, Grisham is like a cuddly teddy that I'd like to take to bed ;)

Not keen on the Miami one though, just can't take to the red haired, mascared one!

Love Criminal Minds too, will have to look out for Bones as I haven't seen that one.


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I love Vegas & NY but Miami is a no no. I can't take the cheesey Horatio one liners with the glasses coming off as he says them. I'm also a huge fan of Law & Order: SVU which I feel is the best of the Law & Order series