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new start for wedding in december my sw food diary extra easy, would love to share

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by browny89, 31 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. browny89

    browny89 Member

    was hoping some people could help me with my first day today
    my plan is as follows:
    I am doing extra easy
    B- 1 x egg, 2x lean bacon, mushrooms, tomato, 1 slice 400g loaf bread (1/2 hex) 2 x extra light triangles (part of hex)

    snack: 2 x crackerbread (1/2 hex) 1 x extra light triangle (part of hex), 2 x wafer thin ham

    L: am eating out at a pub would love advise on this!
    Rump steak (syn the oil.... not sure how many to use?) going to ask for it without chips but with plain salad.
    does this sound ok? will cut off any fat also on steak.

    snack : banana (small) 2 x extra light triangles (healthy extra)

    D: lean gammon steak, pineapple, smash with extra light triangle (last hex), carrorts, broccoli, cauliflower
    Muller light toffee

    187ml red wine (7 syns)

    hope to hear from you fellow sw'ers.... i am getting married in december i dont want to lose a lot, about 6lbs but definately dont want to gain anything.

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  3. browny89

    browny89 Member

    day 2 menu looks like this
    b- small tin beans on 1 thick brown bread (hex) and 2 extra light triangles (part hex)
    s- banana
    L- salad with ss foods with fat free vinagerette, tinned salmon and boiled egg
    d- eating out- seabass in tomato sauce with veg and new pots (4syns predict for oil/butter)
    large red wine 8.5 syns

    probably some fruit in day too and used rest of hex for skimmed milk in 2 coffees.

    would love some thoughts xxx
  4. browny89

    browny89 Member

    am loving this plan it seems to suit me really well and i am satisfied and not craving chocolate at all, which is rare for me being a chocoholic!!
    hopefully it will show on friday when we weigh.
    todays eats
    b- 1 thick slice brown bread(hex)
    2 extra light traingles (hex)
    2 lean bacon rashes
    1/2 small can beans
    coffee with skinny milk part of hex

    L: am travelling down to norwich to complete my courses for the week
    have packed a canned salmon salad with fat free vinegerette and some fruit.

    D: the fiances bday we are having chinese.
    think am going to go for the beef in black bean sauce (5syns) boiled rice and a couple of malibu and diet cokes (5 syns)

  5. Target_Rose

    Target_Rose Full Member

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    Hi your diary looks great, here to subscribe I'm also getting married this year. X
  6. browny89

    browny89 Member

    oh lovely when are you getting married?
    we have just looked at reviews of the chinese restaurant and not great so we are going for an indian.
    am going for the chicken dhansak with boiled rice and large glass of red wine
    exactly 15 syns for today
    cant believe you can have this with sw its so much better than ww which i have done in the past.
    we are going to be on take aways etc most of the week or eating out but this makes it so easy.
  7. browny89

    browny89 Member

    another day on sw :)
    b- lean ham and extra light triangle toastie on 400g bread
    l- tuna and salad with fat free vinegerette, fruit salad
    snack- banana
    d- nandos- butterfly chicken (no skin) , corn on the cob, salad, spicy rice 2.5 syns and large glass of wine 9 syns
  8. browny89

    browny89 Member

    another day done
    b- ham and extra light triangle toastie with ww bread
    l- tuna salad, fruit
    carrot sticks
    dinner- red wine large (9syns), 5 prawn crackers (1.5 syns), chinese take away chicken in oyster sauce (4.5 syns) and boiled rice
  9. lizzie_g

    lizzie_g Full Member

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    Slimming world
    Subscribing for the mutual support :) xx
  10. browny89

    browny89 Member

    hey lizzie, thank you it means a lot :) xxx
    todays menu looks like this
    b- as all the last 3 days
    l- tuna and superfree salad with fat free vinegerette, pot of melon
    fruit as snacks
    d0 going to prezzo, going to have the light spaghettit bolognaise, going by book as 7.5 syns
    glass of prosecco 5 syns
    total syns 12.5

    am away from home training until friday so eating out everynight or take away are only options but am trying to make good choices cannot wait to get home and cook the sw recipes xxx
  11. browny89

    browny89 Member

    b- same as yest with banana
    l- asda chosen by you low cal noodle pot 1/2 syn chicken and sweetcorn
    fruit pot
    d- weatherspoons 5 bean chilli and basmatic rice no nachos 1.5 syns to be safe
    large red wine 8.5
    malibu diet coke 25ml 2.5
  12. browny89

    browny89 Member

    b- muller light toffee, banana, one extra light triangle (hex) coffee with skinny milk (hex)
    l- 2 ww brown danish bread, canned tuna, 2 extra light triangles, fruit pot
    d- out again, going to a seafood restaurant looked at menu am going to ask for them not to use oil or butter on what i have chosen.
    chargrilled tuna steak, boiled potato, veg
    champagne 12 syns
  13. browny89

    browny89 Member

    well i went off plan a bit yesterday as was last night out after finishing all of my courses and i just couldnt resist a couple of slices of bread from the bread basket and an extra glass of wine so will reduce syns today if i have any at all.

    todays is unsure because we are travelling home, 5 hour drive
    b- banana
    l- not sure hopefully have a baked potato or salad at a service station.
    d- sw chilli con carne and rice and salad
  14. browny89

    browny89 Member

    weighed in this morning loss of 2lbs in 9 days. am really pleased and happy yey.
    b- linda mccartney onion sausages x 2 , baked beans, 1 x 400g slice bread (1/2 hex), 1 extra light triangle (part hex rest on milk for coffee), mushrooms
    l- out at table table with my friend, going to have gammon, egg and pineapple with no chips but plain salad (fat removed from gammon) 4 syns to be safe
    d- fry light fried squid with salad
    will have 2x crackerbread as other hex at some point
    and snack on fruit
  15. browny89

    browny89 Member

    b- beans on toast
    l- tuna and egg salad with fat free vinegerette
    banana, melon, apple
    d- sw fish pie, veg,
    glass wine 7 syns
    3 x fruit biscuits 7 syns
  16. browny89

    browny89 Member

    b- beans on toast
    l- sw leek and potato soup, smoked salmon, fat free cottage cheese
    snack, banana, melon
    d- sw cottage pie, veg
    sw banoffee pie 4.5 syns
    glass wine 7 syns
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