New start, life and weight

for the past few weeks iv drifted, iv followed the diet all day and then blown it at night! i feel like iv let myself down, and to top it off my partner discovered my weigh in chart yesterday and now knows the full damage! hes very supportive and said if he knew it was this bad he'd of helped sooner, so i know have his full support. he said in 4 years (and 2-3 stone) he hasnt noticed a difference in my appearence, but it does answer alot of Q's about my moods and lack of wanting to go on holiday etc. i think iv been kidding myself that if no-one knows my weight then it doesnt matter!! well now it does!
Tomorrow is the fresh start i need:Today i got my acountancy results and after a 3 month wait for them i was desparate to know, im glad to say i passed.

over the last 2 weeks iv realy decided to change my whole life, i handed my 4 wk notice @ work, i passed my accountancy exam, and i have a job interview friday (its for my current work but as asssistant management accountant) im also signed with an agency who have a few possibe jobs.

so i am now goin to turn my weight around to follow my change in life, i may have weak moments but now its not only me who knows my weight so i have my loverly partner to answer to aswell, and he will support by no sweat treats being allowd in home, iv banned them before but this time we are doing this together! i have a hoilday in 16 weeks and i dont want another one where i feel uncomfortble and ashamed of myself, so tomrrow is the 1st day of my new life - a slimmer and happier one

i have 3 stone 10lbs to loose now and 16 weeks to achieve this, thats an average of 3-4lbs a week, achievable but no room for mistakes!!!
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Good luck for you journey.
I am sending you some positivity and will watch with anticipation for your losses each week.
I am starting CD tomorrow and can relate to your eating in the evenings. Me too can be fine all day then come 8 o clock i pig out like my life depends on it. BUT NOT NO MORE.
Also like you i think if no-one knows the figures on the scale then it doesnt matter and i too make excuses for not going out etc etc. You are SOOOOO not alone.
Good luck and may you stay positive and turn yourself around.
I intend to try and come on here each evening for the next few weeks to stop me thinking about food. Hopefully i will be too bust then to eat!

Best Wishes



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Good luck with your endeavor, just remember that anything worth having doesn't always come easy and focus on the final goal (That holiday for starters). There is so much support on this site we should all emerge as winners. By the way, congrats on passing your exam and good luck for the interview.

Shar x