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New Start Needed...Emma's EE Food Diary

I need a new start!!! My weight losses have been slowing down lately and I have just had a week off plan as it was my birthday but managed with only a 1lb gain last night. So starting from today...100% on plan!

I am going to post my food diary on here so hopefully this will help - comments welcome :)

Plan for today:

B - Chocolate weetabix (2syns and HEB) and milk (HEA)

L - Gammon soup (smoked gammon joint boiled with carrots, leeks, red lentils and butter beans)

D - Jambalaya (rice, chicken, prawns, peas, red pepper, onions, spices and chorizo) 5 syns for chorizo

S - apple, treat size crunchie (4 syns)

Total syns - 11

Wish me luck!
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Saturday 13th

B - 2 slices wholemeal bread (HEB) and 2 poached eggs, 1 syn for scraping of flora light, apple

L - gammon soup

D - Roast pork loin in bacon, potatoes, leeks and broccoli, bovril, cadbury light mousse (3 syns)

S - large skinny gingerbread latte (8 1/2 syns)

Total syns - 12 1/2

No HEA today but had lots of milk in my latte!
Thanks Allie, that will reduce my syns for the day!

Sunday 14th

B - choc weetabix with milk (1/2 HEA and HEB)

L - last of the gammon soup, apple, treat size caramel (4syns)

D - jacket potato with VLF cottage cheese, small portion of lasagne (as not made the SW way - went to my Dads for dinner!), syrup sponge - oops, couldn't resist!

Not sure how to syn the lasagne, using half HEA for the cheese, Dad assures me he drained all the fat from the mince but used a dolmio sauce! Hopefully my remaining 11 syns will cover it and the spare sysn from Saturdays coffee now becomgin mostly HEA!
hi emz741 good luck on ur weight loss journey :)
Monday 15th

B - melon, grapes, 2 teas (Milk from HE)

L - 5 ryvita wholegrain crackerbreads (Too full for the 6th!), with cucumber and new tesco roasted red pepper pesto cottage cheese

D - chicken kebabs (chicken breast marinated in VLF nat yog, lemon juice and spices) with roasted sweet potato, butternut squash, tomatoes and courgette and peas

S - options (2 syns made with milk HEA) Cadbury light mousse (3 syns) with raspberries

Total syns - 5
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Tuesday 16th

B - 2 Alpen Lights, strawberries

L - SW Quiche (made with cottage cheese, onions, sweetcorn, mushrooms, chicken and a tomato and herb pasta&sauce base)

D - SW burger and chips, 1 Dairylea Light Slice (Part HEA), mushrooms and peas, 1 tbsp light salad cream and BBQ sauce (2 syns)

S - apple, small skinny caramel latte (Part HEA and syns for caramel - 2?)

Total syns - 4
Wednesday 17th

B - Pineapple, alpen light (1/2 HEB) 2 teas (Milk from HEA)

L- Remaining half of SW quiche, small skinny latte (HEA for milk)

S - Banana, Tunnocks teacake (5 1/2 syns)

D - Fish biryani (Made with rice, haddock, red onions and spices, VLF nat yog) with green beans and spinach, half raspberry muffin (8 syns)

Total syns 13 1/2
WI Last night - 1/2lb off...no thanks to Dads dinner on Sunday! Have been working late all week so have missed my usual 2 zumba classes, hopefully can get to them next week and get a better loss next week.

Had dinner plans last night at a chinese buffet, tried to eat lots of plain rice and noodles with prawns and mushrooms but I did have 1 duck pancake, 2 bits of sweet and sour pork and some ribs. Too many syns!

B - 2 alpen lights (HEB), teas (with milk from HEA)

L - jacket potato, with chicken chilli (chicken, onion, peppers, red kidney beans, sweet corn and broad beans)

D - chinese - probably over the 15 syns for the day!

Looking back on my weeks diary I have not been using my HEAs properly so going to plan a weeks worth of meals today for a good week next week =o)

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