New Starter...Nearly lol


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Hi Everyone!!
I have been reading your blogs for a few weeks now and found all your suggestions an incentive to start Lipotrim. A few ladies in my workplace did it and they looked fab afterwards! My name is Gemma and i'm 23, currently 13 stone and hoping to get down to around 10/11 stone. I thought the best place to start would be here and any suggestions or help you can recommend would be most helpful! I'm starting Lipotrim this friday/saturday and cant wait!! I need a huge confidence boost in order to give me the incentive to carry on a healthy lifestyle!! You're all doing great ladies! Hope i can go the same way! xxx Gem xxx:)
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Hi Gem and welcome
Hope you have a good start. Just pop on here there is loads of support.


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Hi, welcome and congrats on choosing lipotrim! this site is great for support, lots of friendly supporting people and they really know how to make you feel right at home.

Be sure that you prepare yourself before starting, make sure you truly are ready :D

rainbow brite

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Woo, another Gem :) Welcome aboard doll, good to have you here. Well done for taking that first step and deciding to start the diet. It's always inspiring to see others succeed on it and gives you great determination to do so yourself.

I'll be honest with you so that you're completely prepared - the first week is hard. Expect the worst and you might be pleasantly surprised. Drink lots of warm drink to a)fill you up and b)warm you up. Black coffee and black pure leaf teas are your friend.

You may not like the shakes at first but you will get used to them if you persevere. I hated them when I started but now I love them :)

Remember, you can do this - you can resist the muffin for a fabulous figure in just a few weeks and most importantly remember that the food will still be there when you finish the diet. This should help you stop feeling deprived.

Good luck babe and keep us posted on how you're doing :)

~Gem xx


Here we go again!
Hi Gem, you've made an excellent decision to start LT. You will be amazed by the results. Good luck.


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Good luck Gem. As Rainbow Brite said the first week is tough but it brings its own rewards come weigh in day. It does get easier after that.


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I cant offer any tips cos i am only starting tmrw,but good luck anyway x


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Good luck, I am on day 7. I love this Lipotrim! It is the first time i have ever tried to get rid of the excess weight and have not cheated in anyway. It has helped having all options removed!
I look forward to reading about your journey...x


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Welcome and good luck.
We'll all help all we can.
You CAN do this. Like Barack Obama said:-


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:welcome2: Gem you are going to love it here. Good luck tomorrow.


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Welcome and good luck. Drink plenty of water and wear layers!!! Once ketosis hits you may feel the cold - I do!!!!


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:welcome: and goodluck. Just keep logging on for support! Xx


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Thanks everyone! i've just created a ticker (very proud of myself haha) and i'll let u guys know how i get on....pickin my lipotrim up tomorrow...start date saturday....very excited now haha xx


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good luck, by this time next week you will already be MUCH lighter!! :)