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is gonna do it!!
Hi there,
I have been doing Cambridge diet and really can't carry on with it, due to extreme boredom!!
Really considering doing WW now, as you can eat normally. The thing is, I work evenings, so won't be able to go to a class. Can I do it on-line? Also, what is the average weight loss? I guess it's around 2lb?
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Hi, im sure there are meeting on in the morning and afternoon, ust goto the ww website and put in your post code and all the meeting nearby will show up with the times. I know you can do it online to, but personally i think it better to go and get weighed, but lots of people have had success doing it online at home, good luck and looking forward to hear how youget on x


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I haven't actually been to a meeting since I lost my first 35lbs. But I'm sure I would have lost faster if I had had someone cracking the whip. So I would recommend finding a meeting near you. They do them mornings, afternoons and evenings too.

Healthy weight loss is between 1 and 2 lbs a week, but it does depend on how much you have to lose. To be blunt, the bigger you are the quicker you lose. Your cycle etc affects your loss too.

But WW DOES work! And it's not just a quick fix.


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Welcome to ww forum,you can do this online ,but i would suggest that you got to the morning or afternoon meeting as this will make you stick to it more personally but others will have other views


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I definitely recommend going to a meeting, i tried for weeks to do it on my own but there was always something nearly every day making me do it for day then something happened adn i thought 'i'll start again tomorrow' but since going to class i haven;t cheated once and have stayed on track knowing i'm going to get weighed at class ... and not wanting to waste class fees helps me want to make it worth it by losing


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very impressed that you lost 29lbs so far, thats excellent, am jealous and wish i could do that well


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definitely seems to be the way forward, am actually enjoying finding all different foods can have and finding it easier than most diets i've done, and I've done quite a few
hi, im new to ww, this is th start of my second week, i did the first week wrong and gained 1 pound, although i was 9 days late for my period, and now its here, is this normal, i didnt use fast start correctly, i was using between 18- 25 points, (my points is 25) didnt realise i should of used 18, please reply someone, i feel terrible that i gained!!! :-(
I went to the meetings for 2 months to learn the right way to do it, get the recipe books I wanted etc and have been going it alone since.
I agree that it can be expensive to pay so much to get weighed, but I knew that I had to learn all about it first. I thought I was cooking low fat etc but obviously not well enough!
You'll really enjoy it once you get the hang of it. you'll eat really well and not feel deprived of anything!

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