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New - starting tomorrow Very!! excited!!

Hey everyone,

New here lol :) and im starting tomorrow very excited, i really carnt wait till i start. I was just wondering if anyone can help me on the drinks issue, i bought a summer berry drink flavouring and i can only use 1/8 of a tspn which does not bother me but does anyone know how much this is in weight? if it is anything so i can weigh it out if not how do you figure out if your having to much. Dont want to not get into ketotis (sp).

Any help would be ace

Nessy xx
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Welcome and good luck for the start.

Not sure about the flavourings, I started them after 6 days but my CDC said it was fine to start them striaght away.
I have the summer berry and have been using a level tea spoon, I have no idea how much that is in weight (I think a level teasp is 2.5mils in liquid) but its so little I doubt it woud register on any scales :)


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Hi welcome to the forum. I am restarting today.

As far as I can remember you are allowed I teaspoon of flavouring a day. I find them really strong so I just put a pinch into a large 500ml glass of water. If you wanted to be precise you could use a proper spoon measure and put it into an egg cup or something then just sprinkle a little into your water till you found a strength you liked.

Are you allowed them from day 1? I cant remember.



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I've also been using the water flavouring from the start (sunshine orange). I have a litre of water mixed with half a teaspoon of flavouring (as i find the recommended level teaspoon too strong) once every two or three days. Haven't slipped out of Ketosis since starting (at least not to my knowledge).
For info, according to the packaging, 1 level teaspoon is 5g. hth x
would of made sense of me to look at the package wouldnt it lol :eek: ah well, i got told by my CDC that you can have them from day 1 but if you have too much it will stop you getting into ketotis (sp) or take you out of it.

Is it a leveled teaspoon that i am aloud a day? as i got told it was 1/8th of a teaspoon

Thanks for all the replys so far :D it means alot to get replys back

Nessy xx


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Good luck Nessy. I am on day 2 and so far hate all the flavours I have tried erg!

Determined to stick at it though!!



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I've no idea how much you're allowed a daily basis - dont think my CDC mentioned that, but again as i'm only having half a teaspoon in 1 litre every few days i guess it hasnt been an issue. All i know is that a level teaspoon is what the packaging recommends per litre of water.

Sorry cant be more help but wishing you lots of luck with CD x


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Its definately a teaspoon a day which equates to 5ml or 5g. It really is strong so I teaspoon a day is plenty.

Hi Nessy I put a teaspoon in a 2 litre bottle of water overnight and it tastes lovely the next day. Maybe its 1/8 per 250ml glass?

Good luck anyway


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I had a little bit to try on day 1 and was in Ketosis by end of day 1. Everyone's different though and if you're happy with drinking plain water maybe you'd be best to stick to that til you're in Ketosis, for your own peace of mind if nothing else?


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