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  1. New-Me

    New-Me can do it this time!


    just found this site and this is my first message. Started LL w/b 22nd Jan and wondered if there's any other like minded people out there who are happy to share weekly weight loss - it would keep me motivated to read other stories (like all the fab ones so far).

    totally intrigued at lighter life - never come across it before, so willing to give it a go.

    nearly middle of week 2 and think have lost 11lbs - well chuffed.

    anyone other new starts?

    p.s how do you get that weight bar at the bottom of your message?

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  3. Cordyella

    Cordyella Member

    Low Carb

    This is my first post too.
    I had my first LL meeting on Saturday, and started the packs on Sunday, so this is day 4.
    I have done LL before, but never completed the course. I am finding it very hard to return to, and have had a tough night, but have managed to stick to it. Perhaps it helps that after 4 days it seems I have lost 8lb.
    I am writing a blog about my journey if anyone wants to read it.
    Welldone on getting into the diet :)
    A Cautionary Whale
  4. New-Me

    New-Me can do it this time!

    thanks Cordyella- so chuffed to hear someone else out there at beginning of this. will read your blog too.

    what a fab site!
  5. pokerstar

    pokerstar Full Member

    Cambridge diet
    Hi Sal

    i'm on day 4 and would be happy to share weight loss with you. I'm really struggling at the minute and tummy is also a bit upset today. Holding out that it will get better!
    Christina x
  6. Cordyella

    Cordyella Member

    Low Carb
    Keep going!

    Yesterday was my fourth day & the hardest to get through, but I did it. Keep distracting yourself, there are umpteen threads here to read, blogs to look at, do an online puzzle to take your mind off it all. Best of all, use it as an excuse to go back to bed!
  7. pokerstar

    pokerstar Full Member

    Cambridge diet
    i had really bad day yesterday (i mean really bad). still a bit tearful today (i'm not usually this pathetic - honest!) Hoping today isn't as bad.

    Christina :wave_cry:
  8. slinkytobe

    slinkytobe Full Member

    :) Cordyella, Sal & Pokerstar Welcome to this site! It is great and has certainly helped me (I'm on Day 25 now). There are a few other threads that you may like to join.

    On the "Roll up, Roll up" thread we are all predicting how much we will lose each week. There is another thread where we have all introduced ourselves. Put your names down on those as we are all here to help each other and everybody is very welcoming.

    Sal well done with your weight loss. 11lbs that's fantastic! You will find the weight bars on I think it's or Something like that anyway. Any problems with them just shout! Good-luck!

    Cordyella well done for coming back. That must be so hard, but very encouraging when you lose 8lbs in only 4 days! Well done you!! I will have a look at your blog.

    Pokerstar - (I'm sure I know you from this sight already). Well done for getting this far. I found day 4 the worst, so if you can get through this you'll be fine. Try and have lots of different flavours to keep you going. Hot and cold. Remember you are nearly over that wall!!

  9. Cordyella

    Cordyella Member

    Low Carb
    Probably the result of detox..

    ..or something like that.
    Pokerstar - I can only prescribe more water & a lot of determination. If you feel like giving up, ring your LLC, or talk to someone about it. I feel OK today, & hope it will only get better.
    Which part of West Yorks & which group are you in? I lived near Skipton until a few months ago!
  10. tootsie

    tootsie Silver Member

    Hello to all of you wonderful newbie people!!! You will find this site the most valuable tool in your LL journey!! Why not pop over to LL starters in January thread as we have all (except our honourary member AmandaJayne) started in January and the most anyone has been on the programme so far is 4 weeks. the first couple of weeks is still fresh in our minds, so if you need help please shout, as loud as you can and we will come running!!!!!!

    Good luck huns xxxxx
  11. pokerstar

    pokerstar Full Member

    Cambridge diet
    I'm in Castleford Cordyella
  12. New-Me

    New-Me can do it this time!

    thanks guys - you're fab

    hi all

    just to say thanks guys - really enjoying this site and loving reading various threads. I thought LL would have an online support / closed site for members, but no; but this site is heaps better.

    good on the other new starts - hang in there!
  13. Auj

    Auj Member

    Hi Sal

    happy to read that you are enjoying it, I restarted lighterlife last week Wednesday after not going for two week, Sal I suprised myself because I'd only put on 3LBs.
    Anyway I did'nt stay for the group, but before I left, I wrote this down of the board SMART == S = specific, M = measurable, A = achievable, R= realistic, T= time.
    I sure this is in the lighterlife book ?
    Anyway just thought I like to share this with you, keep with it
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